The Chinese Communist Party is the Source of Social Disharmony

A few days ago, an incident happened in Shenzhen City, China. A fire broke out in an underground processing factory run by the Gongming Neighbourhood Committee in Baoan District, and seven female workers died. Typically, after such an incident occurs, the governmental departments launch some kind of investigation campaign as a mere formality, then forget all about it afterwards. This time was no exception. A few governmental departments formed an investigation team, sometimes with as many as over a hundred people involved and other times with dozens of people. The teams took with them labourers from the countryside (for forcible demolition) and militias (for violent confiscation) and went to various districts. The neighbourhood committees in those districts had to totally cooperate with them. Everywhere they went, the demolition was so complete that no place with wooden boards was spared. All the small stores and workshops on the streets were suspended and their property was confiscated. The government team left a mess everywhere it went, and the people did not dare to say anything even though they felt very angry with what was happening.

One does not see many of such "investigations" normally, but they tend to take place whenever there has been an accident. As there have been more and more accidents, such "investigations" have also become more commonplace, and people have also become used to such conduct. In order to deal with such "investigations," people always feel the need to check out the situation beforehand and close their shops in time before the "investigation" teams arrive. This time was the same. The owner of a shop had asked a shop assistant to check things out and report to him as soon as he found that the "investigation" teams were coming. This shop assistant was checking the situation at the road entrance, and he had not noticed anything for some time. However, when he looked around, he saw that the teams were coming from another direction. He was so worried that he started running back to report to the shop owner. While he was running he shouted to warn people, "The Communist Party is coming! The Communist Party is coming!" It is such a statement of ridicule that the masses of people are intensely scared of the violent dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is a real mockery of the so-called "harmonious society" created by the CCP.

All people like to have a peaceful life, so the Party also makes a loud noise about its creating a "harmonious society." The regime sustains its rule through violence and deception. It has launched political movements, one after another, to intensify people's fear by using the tactic of attacking one single group to scare the majority, so that the Party can be in total control of the people. Each of their political campaigns follows a similar pattern. That is, the CCP first of all fabricates lies to launch a propaganda campaign, then the Party incites those who do not know the truth and who believe their lies to fight for them. Movements such as the "Cultural Revolution," the "June 4th massacre," the persecution against Falun Gong, and the "crackdown against human rights activists" all followed the same pattern. The Party first lays fabricated charges against you, and once it has laid charges against you, it attacks you brutally. So many innocent people have suffered, and so many people who do not know the truth have done wrong things and have a guilty conscience.

In today's China, moral values have been completely destroyed and people have few kind thoughts left. They will stop at no evil to protect their own interests and to get money. The saying, "Whether it's a black cat or a white cat, it is a good cat so long as it catches mice" has become their motto in life. In a society like this where everyone is everyone else's enemy, there is no feeling of security among people. Everyone is a victim, but at the same time people also follow suit and do bad things to other people. How could there be any harmony or feeling of happiness? All this misery was created by the Chinese Communist Party, and the whole of China is being taken by the Party towards a frightening abyss where morals are non-existent. The evil regime is the fundamental cause for the social disharmony in China.

As Chinese people of conscience, we all have the obligation to change such an adverse situation, and we all have the right to pursue a life of harmony and happiness. What shall we do then? Right now, more than 18 million people have quit the Party and all its associated organisations, keeping a far distance from the evil CCP. These people are the future and hope for China.

If all those who have been deceived into becoming members of the evil CCP withdraw from it, the Party will not be able to exist. "Water can carry a boat, and it can also capsize a boat." I hope that every Chinese learns the truth and makes a wise choice at this critical historic moment. Quit the evil regime to keep safe, to give yourself a beautiful future, and to give China hope!

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