A Policeman's Open Letter to His Fellow Police Officers in Chengde, China

I address this letter to you, the police officers of the Chengde Area, especially officers Hu Qiwen, Dong Lijun, Zhang Zongmin and Wang Xiaofeng, who participated in rounding up Falun Dafa practitioners in Shatuozi Township on January 9th, 2007.

Just like you I'm a policeman, but looking back, what have we done for the people? What have we done for the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)? We've become the weapon the party uses to attack people, a sword to kill people! Ultimately we will also be destroyed by it. Our fathers met their ends this way, and now we're following them. The "Great Cultural Revolution" set a precedent, and since the Communist Party decided to persecute Falun Gong, we policemen have been committing major crimes, harming others and ourselves at the behest of the tyrannical Jiang Zemin .

Why do I say this? I too have participated in these terrible things. Although I knew something about Falun Gong I wasn't very clear and I never thought it over, I just followed my orders. Now, however, I've learnt what Falun Gong is.

It happened one morning about a month ago. I picked up a package left at my front door. I opened it and saw a book called Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and six CDs and some other material. I planned to turn the package in, but I thought, "Why not watch them first?" So I watched CDs, and then I read the Nine Commentaries. After I read the book I suddenly became clear; it was like waking up from a dream! I thought it over and decided to quit the CCP, and my family agreed. Three generations of our family used aliases to announce our withdrawals from the CCP and its affiliated organisations; we completely broke from the party. We're no longer components of that evil organisation, and we no longer walk the wrong path. I'm choosing a better future for myself and I'm going to make up for my previous wrongdoings.

I sold myself to the evil party, but now I'm finally free; I've cast off the evil that once pressed on my heart. Now I live easy, celebrating having chosen a brighter way. I'm grateful for the Falun Gong practitioners' truth clarifying materials, which have saved my whole family.

I want to tell all my police colleagues, wake up quickly! Don't participate in the persecution of kind cultivators! I believe that deep down everyone knows that showing compassion leads to rewards while evil deeds bring retribution.

In the persecution of Falun Gong many police officers and other officials have also been victimised by the CCP. If you want a good future don't help a despot wickedly persecute kind Falun Gong practitioners. Advise your colleagues not to follow Jiang Zemin and release all of the Falun Gong practitioners. Send the practitioners held at Gaoyang Labour Camp home, and make up for our misconduct. The New Year is coming; don't you realise that while you reunite with your family, Falun Gong practitioners are suffering torture in the labour camp for trying to save us?

Now international organisations are investigating those persecuting Falun Gong, and everyone the world over is condemning the CCP! Time is running out, don't let yourself be fooled.

Now I've awakened and I speak these words from the bottom of my heart, in hopes of serving justice. What Falun Gong practitioner doesn't have family and friends? They are waiting for the criminals to be brought to justice. Think about it, what will happen to those who follow Jiang? I tell you, take responsibility for you and your family, don't sacrifice yourself for Jiang Zemin! To protect my identity I can only tell you this way. I want to help all those who've been deceived and lied to to wake up.

Follow your destiny. Only by doing this will you find safety! Make up for the crimes and secure your future!

Below is my statement renouncing the CCP:

I break completely with the criminal communist party! I won't be a part of it anymore. I quit all of its affiliated organisations and abandon its evil path. I've made this decision of my own free will, to undo my error, and three generations of my family join me in quitting the CCP.


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