France: Urgently Rescuing Falun Gong Practitioner Ma Jian

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Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Ma Jian is the manager of a French PCM Pumping Industry company in their Beijing office, also the general representative of the company in the northern Asian area.

In the afternoon of February 28th 2007, Ma Jian was working in the Beijing office when suddenly a dozen policemen rushed into the office and wanted to take him away for investigation. Ma Jian insisted on staying and talking, then the police beat him and eventually kidnapped him by force. During the course, Ma Jian’s waist belt was broken and his shoes were removed by the police. On the next day Ma Jian’s colleagues were asked to send Ma Jian a waist belt and shoes, but were not allow to see him.

According to insiders, Ma Jian is now imprisoned in the detention centre of the Eastern City District police station. Ma Jian’s home had been searched and his car was towed away also. Having heard this news, Ma Jian’s father could not bear it any more, fell sick and took to his bed. His mother and elder sister came to Beijing from their hometown immediately, now his mother is staying with his parent-in-law in Beijing, his parent-in-law were also worrying about him very much.

Ma Jian’s employer, the French PCM Pumping Industry Company, has already informed its headquarters of this and has also contacted the French Embassy and wishes to rescue him through a diplomatic approach. According to the local police, Ma Jian explicitly expressed in the detention centre that he will firmly cultivate himself in Falun Gong.

Some telephone numbers:

The preliminary examination section of Eastern City district police station:
0086-10-840828, 84081725

The statistics section of the Eastern City district police station: 0086-10-84081740, 84081727

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