Germany: "I never expected that the Spectacular would be so brilliant!"

“The Spectacular is first rate; the level of those dancers is professional among professionals. Inever expected that the Spectacular would be so brilliant. The dance of the herdsmen, with their shoulders shaking and quick short steps, they looked as if they were on a prairie. It was so beautiful that words fail me. The only regret of mine is that the performance only lasted two hours and half. It was too short.”

It was six months ago that Ms. Sun went abroad to see her daughter and son-in-law. It was at time when they had their meals, Ms. Sun, carelessly watching the kinescope of 2006’s NTDTV New Year Gala, said: “This Gala is same as that of China just with singing and dancing.” Without saying anything, her daughter thought, "Just wait and see how she thinks about it when she sees the Spectacular with her own eyes".

It was a month and half before the Spectacular started that Ms. Sun came to visit her daughter and son-in-law. On seeing that her son-in-law was so busy with preparations for the Spectacular every day that he did not come home until midnight and he did not have time to look after his children either, Ms. Sun looked unhappy about it. With some complaint in her words: “Isn’t it a gala with singing and dancing? Is it worth it for you to devote yourself to it like this?

Ms. Sun has a habit. Once she goes abroad, she likes to see websites she can not see in China, such as The Epoch Times' website. On the Epoch Times website, there are many reports about the tour of the Spectacular. When reading more, Ms. Sun was also thinking, “This Spectacular seems a little different. So many people say that it is brilliant. Not only Chinese but also foreigners say that it is good. Not only ordinary people but also those professionals say so".

A month before the Spectacular began, Ms, Xu, whose age was, more or less, the same as Ms. Sun, lived at her daughter’s house. Ms. Xu, who was similarly elderly, came to the city to promote tickets for the Spectacular. She went to the streets every day to distribute leaflets about the performance. Ms. Sun also observed her in secret: Ms. Xu got up at seven in the morning every day. She just had instant noodles and then went out. She did not come home until midnight. When she was back, she had instant noodles for her dinner. Ms. Sun did not say anything. Before her daughter and son-in-law, she praised Ms. Xu: “For the sake of others, such a spirit of enduring hardship is so valuable, I do admire her!”

The Spectacular was finally due. Ms. Suns response was mentioned above: The performance was brilliant. After they got home, her daughter told her: The New Year Gala will be touring next year. “Will it?” Sitting upright, Ms. Sun, with a tone of appreciation, said, “Tell me about the Gala, I must listen to it carefully.” So her daughter started from the first Gala held in 2004, the performance each year was getting better and better and how the performers managed to overcome all difficulties. Her daughter had never seen that her mother listened to others with such a heart of admiration. Ms. Sun. did not only admire those actors and actresses’ professional show, those who devoted themselves to preparing for the performance but also sincerely gasped in admiration for the general director of the splendid performance.

When some other Chinese visit their home, Ms. Sun becomes a live advertisement for the Spectacular. When NTDTV New Year Gala is touring next year, Ms. Sun is even eager to go to her other daughter. Although the city where her other daughter lives also has New Year Gala on tour, she and her family members have not seen the performance yet. Ms. Sun has planned: The time when she goes to see her other daughter next year is right at the time of the NTDTV New Year Gala on tour, she will urge her daughter to see it as well. Such a wonderful experience, of course, should be shared with family members.

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