Taiwan: People from All Circles Anticipate the Upcoming “Divine Performing Arts” Spectacular

Starting from the beginning of 2007, New Tang Dynasty TV's (NTDTV) Divine Performing Arts Troupe has visited more than 20 cities in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, presenting more than 50 performances of the Chinese New Year Spectacular. Portraying the profound traditional Chinese culture, the Spectacular has captivated the hearts of the audience and garnered rave reviews. From April 7th to 21st, the Troupe will perform in Taipei, Tainan, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Chiayi. Though it is still weeks away from the show, media outlets have been continuously reporting news about the Spectacular and the contents of the Spectacular have already become a hot public topic.

Media report: Taichung City Council sponsors the Divine Performing Arts' performance

Media report: citizens anticipate the Divine Performing Arts’ performance

On March 22nd, The Epoch Times Taiwan Edition reported that Mr. Rau Chia-Po, director of the Chiayi Bureau of Culture, said that he would give the “Divine Performing Arts Troupe” full support during its performance in Chiayi as the Troupe presents first-class cultural programmes. He said: “Such inspiring arts, which are deeply rooted in the Chinese culture, will bring a sensation among my fellow citizens for sure. Our Chinese culture has a long history and much outstanding content. After seeing the introductory video and photos of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe, I think that the Troupe has put many of these essential pieces together and is showcasing the value and profundity of our Chinese culture to the world.” Mr. Rau said that the Spectacular would bring new momentum to the development of Chiayi’s culture and arts.

The performances of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe are to be held at Chung Hsing University on April 20th and 21st. The Taichung City Council is sponsoring the event. On March 23rd, The Epoch Times reported that Taichung City Council Speaker Chung Hungnien said that the Council is very proud of being a sponsor of the event as this is an international performance. He said that he had reserved 50 tickets for his council members. The report said that the Speaker was most impressed by the Erhu solo and was also deeply impressed by the grand dance programmes of the show.

According to The Epoch Times, Mr. Hsu, a high school principal from Pingtong County, enjoyed the New Tang Dynasty’s Chinese New Year Gala in Kaohsiung last year. When he watched an introductory video about the Divine Performing Arts Troupe, he was amazed by the troupe’s professional level and said that he would like to join its Taiwan branch after retirement. Mr. Tou, the commissioner of the Laiyi District of Pingtong County, said that the indigenous people in his district like to express their emotion through dances and the Divine Performing Arts Troupe will bring them a rare opportunity to appreciate the power of authentic Chinese dance.

According to the NTDTV Chiayi office, its public relations team has visited many local government officials, civic groups and business entities, which are all very supportive.

“Mr. Hsu, the director of the board of Dashiye Temple was delighted after he watched an introductory video of the Spectacular. He said that seeing the beautiful costumes alone is already a very rewarding experience. He was pleased to grant permission for NTDTV to post posters in the temple and expressed the will to buy some of the best seats for his board members and employees,” Mr. Yan of NTDTV said.

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