Taiwan: Parade in Yilan Supports 20 Million Chinese Quitting the Communist Party

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Photographs by Zeng Handong

To support 20 million brave Chinese people having withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Yilan Branch of the Global Alliance for Breaking Away from the CCP organised a car parade on April 6th, 2007, calling for people to be aware of the trend to quit to the CCP in Mainland China and realise that the Party is collapsing. At the plaza in front of the Cultural Centre, a few dozen pictures were on display to expose the CCP's crime of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China. Many people looked at the display.

Rally in front of the Cultural Center of Yilan County supports 20 million Chinese quitting the CCP

At nine o'clock, the Yilan Branch of the Global Alliance for Breaking Away from the CCP hosted a press conference inside the Yilan City Cultural Centre. Director of the branch Mr. Lin Chongqi said that the book Nine Commentaries on Communist Party published by The Epoch Times in November 2004 exposed the CCP's lies and evil nature. More and more people have recognised the CCP for what it is and have decided to withdraw from it.

The trend of quitting is spreading in Mainland China quickly. Now more than 30,000 are resigning from the CCP and all its affiliated organisations daily. He said that, with more than 20 million people having chosen to quit the CCP, the evil spirit has been pulled out by its roots. Lin said, "The purpose of this activity is to remind people that all brutal tyrannies in the history of the world have been eventually destroyed. Heaven wants to destroy the Chinese Communist Party. Breaking away from the CCP can keep you safe."

Mr. Zeng Wenzhong, a teacher from Luodong Industrial High School, was dressed like a heavenly warrior with a Nine Commentaries sword in his hand. He said, "Because of the widespread dissemination of the book, both the human world and the heavens have been shaken by its power. With help from righteous gods, the Communist evil spirit will be defeated by heavenly warriors. "Over 20 million people having withdrawn from the CCP makes this a memorable day in history. I feel honored to participate in this activity to tell people that the CCP is collapsing. Please make the correct choice between good and evil."

A truth-clarification picture display in front of the Cultural Centre attracted many passersby. A retired teacher from Yilan University, Mr. Su, looked at the pictures and said that the Communist Party doesn't respect anyone's human rights and wished it to be eliminated soon so that the Chinese people could regain their freedom.

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