Germany: German Parliament Human Rights Committee Holds a Hearing of Witnesses’ Accusations

In a reply to Falun Gong practitioners’ letter, the German Christian Democratic Federation Parliament party and the corps of human rights issues spokes person Ms. Steinbach mentioned that on March 29th, 2007, two Canadian independent investigators Matas and Kilgour and a few members of the International Human Rights Committee held a hearing of witnesses in the German Parliament. The persons who are in charge of the German Parliament Human Rights Committee are very worried about the fact that living Falun Gong practitioners are selected for the removal of their organs.

According to the disclosure of a member from the International Human Rights Committee Council, Mr. Manyang Wu, who had attended the parliament hearing, this hearing of witnesses was a closed door hearing. Apart from the Social Democrats Party (who were formerly the Eastern Germany Communist Party) did not attend, all other parties were represented. It could be seen from the devoted expressions of the participating members of parliament that Manyang Wu believed that they would treat this accusation against the CCP seriously.

In the letter, Ms. Steinbach also referred to the German Parliament Human Rights Committee would take Kilgour’s suggestions, urging German society to pay attention to the issue of Chinese organ transplanting. For example the Human Rights Committee would make contact with the oldest and largest Berlin hospital Charity, asking them to pay attention on the things which are related to the Chinese organ transplantation system.

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