Japan: Falun Gong Grand Parade in Fukuoka

Practitioners in Fukuoka took advantage of the first week of May to hold a rally and a parade on May 2nd to introduce Falun Dafa, expose Chinese Communist Party (CCP) atrocities and to support the twenty-one million people who have withdrawn from the CCP.


Practitioners protest in front of the Chinese Consulate.

Practitioners read a statement urging the employees of the Chinese Consulate to break away from the CCP

It was a bright and refreshing day after a heavy rain the night before. Falun Gong practitioners started their rally at Central Park at 12:30 pm. Mr. Longhe Piao exposed the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong and pointed out the critical situation of the CCP under the strong tide of quitting the CCP. He also explained why Falun Gong was not allowed to participate in Tontaku on May 3rd the May 4th - The CCP had deceived the organisation committee with its slander of Falun Gong. However, Falun Gong had participated in Tantaku twice before and was warmly received.

The parade started at 1:10 pm. Police led the parade to head for the Chinese Consulate in Fukuoka. A display boarding stating "Falun Gong benefits health and spirit" was posted on the lead car of the parade. A blue banner with golden words "Falun Dafa" looked outstanding. The following practitioners held boards with words "Truthfulness" "Compassion" and "Tolerance." A waist drum troupe in high spirit was in the middle of the procession. The drums played "Falun Dafa Is Good". Onlookers watched and took pictures. Following the waist drummers was an alignment of banners stating "The World Needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." "Stop Persecuting Falun Gong." "Support Twenty Million Withdrawals from CCP." "Spreading Nine Commentaries on Communist Party Benefits China and her People." "Stop Harvesting Organs from Living Falun Gong Practitioners." Passersby widely opened their eyes and praised, "Great!" "Gorgeous!"

Practitioners distributed fliers along the parade route. Spectators read the fliers carefully and were shocked to learn the trend of quitting the CCP and the persecution of Falun Gong. Many learned about Falun Dafa. The true story of Falun Gong is spreading to more Japanese.

One spectator remarked that it was hard to imagine that a nongovernmental activity like Tontaku had been subjected to the pressure of the CCP.

The parade ended at the Chinese Consulate. Falun Gong practitioners stood in a line holding banners and display boards. They read a statement in Chinese and Japanese and protested for an hour. The statement said, "The CCP evil specter has been uprooted. What are you still waiting for? The awaking of twenty-one million people are the hope of the nation. The number is climbing quickly. Thirty to forty thousand people quit the CCP every day. Among them are rank and file, students, intellectuals, soldiers and even government officials. Mr. Chen Yonglin, the first secretary at the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney, Mr. Hao Fengjun, a former official of the 610 Office in Tianjin, Mr. Han Guangsheng, the former head of the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau, Mr. Jia Jia, former General Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts and Ms. Zhang Jiyan, the wife of a Chinese diplomat at the Chinese Embassy in Canada, all quit the CCP and persuade others with their own experience. The trend of quitting the CCP cannot be halted."

Many Japanese learned about Falun Dafa through the rally and the parade. They learned the benefits of Falun Dafa, the irresistible trend of quitting the CCP and saw the evil nature of the CCP.

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