The Cultivation Experiences of a Graduate Student in China Who Recently Started to Cultivate

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I am a graduate student at a university in Nanjing of China. Last summer, I was pleased and grateful to become a Falun Dafa practitioner. Here, I'd like to share my experiences.

When I was an undergraduate student, I did not understand why we must submit "thought reports" to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Everyone should have his/her independent and free thoughts--the right that heaven gives to human beings. Why must we report our thoughts to an organisation? I certainly understand why students join the CCP. They join it not because of their belief, but solely for their future interests. At that time I felt people's hearts were really corrupt. Only later did I realise that the Party used people's self interest to deceive them into signing up.

Because I was deceived by the CCP's all encompassing propaganda, I had a bad impression of Falun Dafa. However, at that time, I wondered why there were so many people that did believe in it and why so many of them were professors and highly educated, knowledgeable individuals. Were they ignorant? Are they really all lacking in common sense? Later on, I read practitioners' articles from Red Dynasty Record of Lies, after which I wanted to read the actual Falun Gong books.

I read all the books and articles written by Falun Dafa's Master. I remembered clearly that when I read Zhuan Falun for the first time, my heart told me that every sentence was teaching people Compassion. Why did the Party fabricate lies to deceive people?

Later on, I read Zhuan Falun several times and the lectures the founder of the practice, Master Li Hongzhi, gave at the many Falun Gong conferences. They had an enormous impact on my heart. I deeply realised that this was what I had looked for all of my life! During this period, when I did the exercises, I could really feel things. I felt Falun rotating between my arms. When I truly experienced all of this, I was amazed and realised, "Gods really exist!" Modern people are much too arrogant, sometimes, but they are actually very insignificant.

After that, my atheistic viewpoint completely changed. I displayed a congenial attitude to everyone and in all matters. I followed this guideline for everything. I gradually found peace and happiness in my heart. I feel that I am gradually becoming free from the binds of personal attachments. This Law is mighty! By reading the books, I am able to restrain selfish desires. The Buddha Law is really so powerful!

When I first read the books, I thought the ideas were very new and unusual. At that time, I felt that Master was an enlightened person with extraordinary wisdom. His thoughts were not what ordinary people could imagine. After I read more, I found that my mind had enlarged. I cannot describe the feeling. Later on, as I continued to read, I gradually progressed from thinking the ideas were novel to knowing who Master is and what He has come to do. Sometimes when I read, I am moved to tears.

I am not a diligent disciple. I don't practise enough and always fear difficulties. I fear pain when double crossing my legs, and I pursue ease and comfort. I know this is because I do not study the Falun Gong teachings diligently enough; nor did I pay due attention to the three things. I have been somewhat idle.

I am have been very fortunate to hear the universal Falun Dafa in this life. I feel it is a rare opportunity. I hope I can cultivate diligently and go home with Master!

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