France: French Practitioners Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day and Thank Master for his Infinite Grace

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On May 13th, Falun Gong practitioners celebrated World Falun Gong Day in Human Rights Square in Paris. It was the birthday of the founder of Falun Gong Mr. Li Hongzhi; practitioners expressed their greeting to Master Li by showing the public the beauty of Falun Gong.

Colourful balloons were floating in the air, on each balloon was printed the words “World needs Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance”, “Falun Gong is good”,”celebrating World Falun Gong Day”. Practitioners also performed dancing, played drums and demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises.

Paris resident Mr. Jack Seitembach said after he watched the demonstration of Falun Gong exercises, “This made me feel relaxed and made my mind peaceful.”

A tourist, who came from outside Paris, Mr. Luc Bernier said, “I visited here for sightseeing, but I found this performance I never watched before. I thought it was peaceful and beautiful”. After he heard Falun Gong was persecuted in China, he said, "I know the CCP suppresses their own people, i.e. the Tiananmen Massacre and Tibet".

An Algerian, Mr. Kabhi Zair, who came to Paris to study, said, “It was really good, it was remarkable”. After he heard about the persecution in China, he felt it was unreasonable to ban Falun Gong. He said, "People in China should fight for their own right to practice Falun Gong; all the communist countries were the same. I support and encourage practitioners of Falun Gong. Best wishes to you all.”

Ms Stephanie who came from Martinique watched the performance, she said, there were so many people here, I watched the dance, heard the Chinese flute, I felt it was very distinguished.” She said she would sign the petition to support practitioners.

Thierry Maurice, who lives in Greater Paris, started to learn Falun Gong two years ago and was very happy to participate in the special event. After two years' practise he felt the benefit both physically and spiritually. He felt the strong energy field. He encouraged fellow practitioners in mainland China to carry on the practice even under pressure from the communist party.

In mainland China, if you practised Falun Gong or if there was any event relating to Falun Gong in public, you would be arrested and persecuted and all your basic human rights would be taken away. Ms Liu, who came from Shenyang province expressed, “I was very excited today, because I could personally take part in the celebration, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Falun Gong but I felt sad for the Chinese mainland practitioners who could not join me here today. It was on behalf of them, that I wished happy birthday to Master Li, we couldn’t use any words to express our thankfulness to Master Li".

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