A Righteous Deed Is Rewarded

There is a man in his 80s, who lives in Yongan Township of Heilongjiang Province in China. He enjoys good health and has a strong and righteous mind.

One day in 2002, during the time when the persecution of Falun Gong was rampant, this elderly man planned to take the train to the city. However, the police had placed the founder of Falun Gong, Master Li's picture on the steps to board the train and were forcing the passengers to step on it. Whoever refused to step on the photo would not be allowed to board. The police wanted to find out who the Falun Gong practitioners were and prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal. The elderly man noticed that some people stepped on the picture and some walked around it. When it was his turn, he loudly criticised the police by saying, "Why are you making people do bad deeds? Mr. Li Hongzhi is not an enemy of mine, nor has he deceived me. Why must I step on his picture? Take it away immediately!" The man stared at the police righteously and sternly, and then proceeded to take the picture away.

After this man dared to support Falun Dafa and supported the practice with his righteous words and actions during the persecution, he became healthier and his small health impediments disappeared without a trace. His cheeks now have a healthy glow and he is able to do all kinds of physical farm work. People in the village all say that he appears to be getting younger and younger. All throughout these passing years, both he and his wife have lived a happy life.

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