Germany: Chinese Resident in Berlin Reveals Offer to Spy on Falun Gong

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My name is Liu Deqin. Since July, 2003, I have worked in Germany. On June 30th, 2003, I was granted a visa to Germany. As soon as I received the visa sent by the German Embassy, I found the envelope had been torn open.

In July, staff of the “610” Office [known as the 'Chinese gestapo', the 610 Office was created specifically to persecute Falun Gong] came to have a talk with me. The subject was mainly that since I had been given an exit visa, I had to serve China by taking some photos in Germany for them. That is, I was asked to work as a secret agent to collect information about Falun Gong practitioners and their activities for them. At that moment, I kept silent. But I silently told myself that I would never do something like that. Later I booked my plane ticket to leave China as soon as possible.

On July 27th, 2003, I safely arrived in Berlin, Germany. Days later when I called home in China, I found that there was some problem with the phone in my home. When I was connected I often heard this statement: “Here is the directory service”, or “the number you dialed is no longer in use”.

Later it was proved that the phone in my home was tapped. My mobile phone number in Germany was exclusively known by my wife and unavailable to others. At noon, one day at the end of August, 2003, my mobile phone rang. Seeing that the phone number began with a local China number (0086), I answered the phone. Much to my surprise, on the other end of the line was a secret agent Ms. Zhao, from China’s National Security Bureau. When asked how she came to have my mobile phone number, she said that she had her own access to it and asked if I would work for them. At that time I refused her proposal and turned off the phone. Following that, the same phone number had appeared on my phone screen several times. Seeing the same number, I just turned my phone off.

Up until now they haven’t contacted me any more. Perhaps because they had nothing on me, they could do nothing about my refusal to serve them. As a result, they had no expectation of my working for them.
Originally I had no intention of revealing my personal experience. Since I did not promise to work for them, the incident had come to an end. But now I believe that this is also one of their ways to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Therefore, I should have this incident exposed to let people come to an awareness of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) pervasive evil.

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