Deccan Chronicle (India): Office Goers Beat Stress with Falun Gong

June 13th, 2007


When it comes to stress busters, people usually turn to yoga, reiki or meditation. Falun Gong is a more popular form of Chinese meditation. Of late, in the city, Falun Gong workshops are getting more popular with people.

Suman Srinivasan, who has been conducting this workshop for a few weeks, says that this Chinese form of meditation aims at a holistic improvement of the mind and the body. "It does not focus on breathing whereas in yoga it is very essential. In yoga there are various aasans for different types of ailments. As far as Falun Gong is concerned there is only a set of five exercises which can be practiced by everybody."

People who have attended the Falun Gong workshops have noticed a difference. "As far as Falun Gong is concerned this is my first experience. I fee it is quite stress buster for hypertension especially," says N. Natarajan, a HR Consultant.


"Predominantly Falun Gong workshops are conducted for free. The aim behind these workshops is to share the benefits of an art form with more number of people.

Anybody who has practiced Falun Gong even for a year can conduct these workshops. It is open for all age groups but more so for office goers. In fact Falun Gong is also being practiced in schools across Bengaluru, and results have shown that students have benefited a lot by practicing it everyday." says Sai Krishna, a Falun Gong expert who has come down from Hyderabad to enlighten interested people on Falun Gong.

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