Denmark: Parade Supporting Twenty-Three Million Withdrawals from the CCP During the International Bop Festival in Copenhagen

On July 7th, 2007, it was the first time the Divine Marching Band made an appearance in Denmark. This particular performance was noteworthy for the crowd of people that followed the band as it made its way through town.

Every July, the International Bop Festival is held in Copenhagen. On July 7th, the Falun Gong Association of Northern Europe and local human rights organisations held a great parade supporting twenty three million people quitting the CCP. Before the parade, representatives from these organisations made speeches calling on all governments and media to pay attention to the cruel persecution of Falun Gong practitioners which has lasted for eight years in China and the spring tide of twenty three million people quitting the CCP as a result of the Epoch Times newspaper's editorial, the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”

Musicians playing on street corners also stopped and listened. Some Danes expressed their admiration, some clapped while others carefully read the leaflets practitioners distributed.

The European Divine Marching Band was founded in October 2006, with over one hundred and sixty members. Since their first performance during Chinese New Year, they have in succession participated in all great parades in Berlin, The Hague, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen. Wherever they go, they are well received. People say, “This is the music we have never heard of, it has the strongest power to move people’ hearts”. Bystanders want to know, "Who is here playing the music? Where did this marvellous music come from?"

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