Czech Republic: Falun Gong practitioners visit Rock for People Summer Festival

Despite unpleasant weather, thousands of people gathered at the Rock for People summer festival in Eastern Bohemia. Falun Gong practitioners were warmly received at the festival. They exhibited several banners informing festival goers about the atrocities their fellow practitioners are subject to in Chinese prisons and labour camps.

Passers-by were disgusted by the behaviour of the Chinese communist regime. Yesterday, my friends and I were discussing the Chinese regime. I keep telling everybody that they are capable of anything even murder. “This is proof to me” said a young man, who joined a petition to end violence against Falun Gong adherents in China.

Another man was a bit more sceptical, “Everything is driven by personal profit nowadays. Maybe we’ll have to wait till it becomes a matter of somebody’s profit. That may speed up the trial of those who are guilty of the persecution. Anyway. I will go through your leaflet later”. He smiled and placed the leaflet in his pocket.

Even the heavy rain could not stop the festival visitors from seeing the banners and signing the petition. We would like to thank the organisers of the concert for their benevolence and generous help.

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