Experiencing the Miracles of Falun Dafa

My name is Xiao Qing. I am not a Falun Dafa practitioner, however both my sisters and my mother started their cultivation in 1997. Since I live with my mother, I would intermittently listen to the founder of the practice, Teacher Li Hongzhi's, lectures when she was listening to the lecture recordings. I remember Teacher said in one of the lectures that, "When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family will benefit." ("Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Jinan") Although I don't practise Falun Dafa, I have nonetheless benefited from the practice, and I am extremely grateful to Teacher and to Falun Dafa. Here I would like to share my story with everyone.

I am an ordinary woman. I go to work and live my life just like anyone else. However, during a physical examination around March 8th, 2004 (during the Women's Festival), the doctor found a shadow the size of 1.6x2.8 cm on my liver and spleen after a scan. At the time, I suspected that the test was not accurate since so many people were also having this examination, so I visited several other big hospitals. The results were all the same. The doctors were not able to determine what the object was, and since there was still blood flowing through the shadow, the doctors decided to wait and monitor it.

By the end of 2004, my family members were very worried. My sisters and niece had been persuading me to undergo more examinations in Beijing. My niece asked for help from her acquaintance, who worked in the hospital affiliated with the Beijing Medical University, so I went to Beijing. The diagnosis was the same. Several months passed, and the size of the shadow did not change. The medical expert in Beijing was an old medical professor. He thought that it was a tumor on the blood vessel and that it would not bother the liver too much, but was actually located on the spleen. He said that it was very rare to have a tumor on the spleen. No matter what it was, he thought that it should be gotten rid of sooner rather than later. For various reasons, I returned home without having the surgery.

By December of 2006, I started to feel ongoing discomfort around the area of my spleen, so I went to have it examined. It turned out that the tumor had grown to 5.8 x 6.3 cm. When we received the test result, my family members all panicked, especially my husband. He then asked a friend to refer me to a doctor with 30 years of experience, to do another ultrasound. The result was the same. The doctor said that I needed to have surgery right away. If I did not have the surgery to remove the tumor, the tumor would spread if I were to fall or receive some bodily impact, and my life would be in danger. My husband grew restless and started to make arrangements with various surgeons, telling me not to tell my sister as my sister practices Falun Gong. He was afraid that my sister would intervene. I still told my sister about it. Although she was against the idea of surgery, she withheld her opinion, but asked me to recite "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance is good" many times each day. At the time, it was about two weeks before the surgery.

Every day I would recite those words again and again whenever I had time, until the day I was ready to go to the hospital for the surgery. I was scheduled to check into the hospital on Thursday and have the surgery on Saturday morning.

On Wednesday night I had a very peculiar dream. In my dream I saw a tumor the size of an infant's pillow around my spleen, close to my thigh. It was connected to a blood vessel the width of a thumb. I thought to myself how inconvenient it was to have such a thing growing there. Then I heard a voice telling me: "Don't worry. I will remove it now." When I woke up, the spleen area felt a little painful and I simply thought that I was daydreaming, so I didn't pay much attention to it.

The next day, I was supposed to go to the hospital. My sister came over to be with my mother. I told her about the dream but she did not say anything. In the hospital the doctor arranged for me to have another full examination. Since there were a lot of patients, I waited in line until noon. To our surprise, the doctor said I did not have any tumor at all! I thought their machine must have gone haywire.

I went home for lunch and told my family that there had been no tumor. My sister was cooking at the time. Hearing the news, she smiled: "I thought that you didn't have the tumor anymore. Your dream meant that Teacher had removed the tumor for you." My husband half believed her and half doubted her. In the afternoon, I went to have another ultrasound. The result was the same. The next day, I went to the residence section of the hospital and had yet another ultrasound, but the result was still the same. There was no tumor at all, and my spleen was very clean. All the doctors were so surprised. My husband now had to believe it. My mother-in-law was very happy to hear this news, so she invited all my family members for a celebration. Now my entire family truly believes in the miraculousness of Falun Dafa. Everyone has quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. This is the magical power of Falun Dafa; this is the divine power of Master Li.

I am truly grateful to Falun Dafa and I would like to take this chance to again thank Teacher for His compassion.

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