"The Policies from Above Are Good, It's the People at Lower Levels Who Messed Things Up" - a Record of the Lies of the Chinese Communist Party

The Communist Party knows that its policies are not popular among the people, so in order to shirk responsibilities and deceive people, they have, for quite some time, used cunning means to create lies upon lies to brainwash the nations people. The sad thing is that some Chinese people have indeed accepted these lies and are willingly defending them.

One of the obvious lies currently used by some Chinese people in defending the Communist Party is: "The policies which come from above are good, it's the people at lower levels who messed things up."

When these Chinese people view the tyrannical government of the Communist Party from the perspective of such lies, they have not looked at the root source of such arguments, nor has it occurred to them that these lies were actually purposefully created by the Communist Party to deceive them so as to hide their crimes and keep hold of power.

There is no doubt that these lies didn't originate from those at higher levels, because the Chinese people have always held the view, even from ancient times, that if the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go askew, and they know that "a new boss re-shuffles the leadership and brings in his own policies." The Chinese intellectuals and scholars have also held the view from ancient times that "if the authorities are upright, their policies would be carried out without having to give orders; if they are not upright, even if they give orders, nobody would follow them." The ancient Chinese people knew that if people above were very honest and upright, the people below them would follow.

Today, the Chinese people can see corruption everywhere. In many places in China, it is commonplace to buy and sell official positions, and the costs are clearly marked. For example, one has to pay 500,000 yuan to buy a mayorship of a township. For a head of a county, it costs 1.5 million yuan, and for the mayorship of a city, it costs 3 million yuan. Why is it that the higher the position, the higher the price? This is because officials at a higher level would have to buy their positions by paying those at even higher levels, and those at even higher levels would naturally have to pay even more for their positions. How far does this go? Such is the method used to instill peoples positions right up to the very highest positions.

Nowadays there are not many people in China who don't know that the the biggest embezzler is the former head of the Chinese Communist Party, Jiang Zemin, and there are also other big embezzlers like Jia, Li, Deng, and Chen. People all know that the biggest embezzlers are in the Party's power elite.

Under such circumstances, if people still believe "the policies from above are good," then their minds must have been deeply poisoned.

In fact, such lies were deliberately created by the Communist Party to brainwash the people through many channels. Because in China there is no second voice, as the airwaves and newspapers are dominated by the state-run media, when people hear such lies they easily accept them, and over time the lies have become part of their own mindsets. As a result, many of those who hold such views believe that they are very "objective" and "rational" and have failed to see that they have in fact been poisoned by the Party's lies.

The Communist Party is particularly good at creating lies. For example, it will publish articles in their media in the name of non-official persons, spreading lies that "policies from above are good and it is the people at lower levels that have messed things up" to defend the regime. Since most Chinese people have no other newspapers to read, they have to read the state run newspapers, and when they read these seemingly "just and fair," "objective" articles, they cannot help but be moved and feel that these articles are really good, really reasonable, and are in depth. Therefore, they accept these views. The CCP often deceives people this way.

Whenever the Party's crimes are exposed, they always find a scapegoat. They claim that the "Cultural Revolution" was messed up by the "Gang of Four," the famine that started in 1959 was caused by the "three consecutive years of natural disasters," "the Great Leap Forward and people's communes" were the result of Mao Zedong's confusion due to old age," "coal mine accidents happened because of so and so' s dereliction of duty," and when more corrupt officials with higher ranks are caught, the Communist Party would say that "they have been corrupted by the Western lifestyle during the opening up process." In short, all the wrongs are someone else's fault and the "Party" is forever "glorious and correct."

When the people recognize the Communist Party's tyranny more and more, it comes up with more lies.

Then let us ask, "Doesn't the Party always provide brilliant leadership? What has happened to this leadership? If people at lower levels can mess up the policies from above to such an extent, isn't this evidence that the Party has no leadership capability? How can it be possible that the leaders at the top are wise and brilliant while the majority of its subordinates are such scoundrels?" In ancient China, if officials at lower levels behaved improperly and the Emperor knew nothing about it, then the Emperor was considered incompetent. You may argue how good an emperor you are and how brilliant your policies are, yet if you don't know anything the people's plight and have no power to control it, then aren't you a poor leader?

We know that the Communist Party is completely shameless when it comes to telling lies. When the wicked regime's media loudly advocated that "Liu Shaoqi was the biggest secret enemy agent, scab, and traitor hidden within the Party," did it ever occur to the Party that it was in fact slapping its own face? Wasn't Liu Shaoqi promoted by Mao, the "wise and brilliant leader?" Wasn't it a big slap on the face of Mao that such a big "secret enemy agent, scab, and traitor" had hidden next to the "wise and brilliant leader" for decades and had been promoted to almost the highest position in the country?

The Party's lies cannot withstand logical reasoning. When those corrupt high-ranking officials are caught, no matter how the CCP media tries to cover up the scandals, they cannot make their lies flawless. When a major corrupt official is caught, almost all the media will say that he/she had turned bad a long time ago. Well, they have to say that because those corrupt officials indeed could not possibly have embezzled such huge amounts overnight. However, these media have forgotten to cover up something--what have those "Party leaders" done over the years? They have promoted so many corrupt officials to high positions, promoting them step by step. What happened to these Party organs such as the "Ministry of Organization" and the "Party Committees?"

It is not surprising that the Communist Party behaves this way. Since it tells lies, it is bound to act rashly. What makes it feel lucky inside, though, is that after so many years of brainwashing, the Chinese people, today's Chinese people are not able to think things through any more, and this enables the lies that have so many loopholes to still be effective.

In fact, it does not take much observation or rational thinking to recognize the variety of lies told by the Communist Party. I would like to challenge the Chinese people look at the Party's lies again with a critical eye, and re-evaluate things for themselves.

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