News of my Miraculous Recovery Resounds Throughout the Countryside

I am a female farmer living in Dingzhou City of Hebei Province in China. Before I came across and started to practise Falun Gong half of my body was paralysed for a long time, however my health was restored after I took up the practice. After a while, I gave up due to my other attachments and other pressures. It was the autumn season of last year when I suddenly had a stroke and suffered symptoms such as not being able to talk, move or control my bladder and bowels. The people who saw me at the time said that I didn't recognise anybody, my eyes were shut, I was emaciated, and my skin was a sickly yellow. My health was so bad that my appearance was frightening.

As a result of my deteriorating health one of the villages doctors came to treat me. When the doctor arrived could not find a single blood vessel for an infusion, so he had no choice but to give up. He said to my family: "There is no hope, please go ahead and plan her funeral." My family prepared burial clothes for me and bought a coffin for about 500 yuan. They were waiting for me to take my last breath.

Some fellow Falun Gong practitioners who I knew when I was practising before came to visit me upon learning about my situation. They encouraged me to resume my study of the Falun Gong teachings and to practise the five Falun Gong exercises when my health improved. It was under such conditions that I once again started to read the Falun Gong teachings. Seven days later, I was able to talk and walk again. I was so happy that my health was improving and that I was finally gaining my life back!

Afterwards, the village doctor ran into my husband and asked, "Has it been seven days since your wife passed away?"1, to which my husband replied, "She's fine now!" The doctor thought it was strange and asked, "She has recovered?" My husband then simply said, "Well, she started practising Falun Gong again."

A month later, my health was completely restored. I once again resumed household chores and farm work. The story of my recovery from the clutched of death spread throughout the countryside. People extolled the amazing power of Falun Dafa.

I am a farmer with very little education, and I don't know how to express what I feel in my heart, but I want to tell all kind-hearted people, "Falun Dafa gave me a new life, and please don't be fooled by the lies made up by the Chinese Communist Party in their efforts to destroy this amazing practice."

1. In China, people do memorial rituals on 7th , 14th , 21st , 28th , etc., day after death

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