Article from German Newspaper: “I was crippled through torture in China”

Doctor’s from Westphalia were able to save his hip

Civil engineer Zhen Wang, thirty from Bielefeld was crippled through torture in China. Doctors implanted two hip replacements.
”Surgeons at St. Vincenz hospital in Brakel implanted two new hip replacements into his body. I hope he can walk again soon,” said Anke Wang thirty from Bielefeld. She is the wife of Zhen Wang thirty a civil engineer from Shanghai, China. Inmates admitted that they abused him terribly during April 2003 and crippled him during the torture.

A barbaric torture method: The legs of the victim are forcefully pressed into “split” position until the pressure breaks the pelvis.
“They forcefully split my legs until the hip joints broke apart,” said Zhen Wang. He continued, “The guards purposely turned away their eyes. After the torture I was not taken to the hospital for treatment.” The Chinese man was imprisoned because he is a devotee of the cultivation practice of Falun Gong which is banned since 1999 in China and its members are persecuted.

Wang explained, “I was arrested at my work place, imprisoned without being convicted of a crime for three years and tortured.” He was able to flee to Germany after his release. He said, “What happened to me should give a jolt to people and show how the Chinese officials violate human rights.”

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