Belgium: Truthfulness, Compassion Tolerance International Art Exhibition Touches Belgian People

The Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” International Art Exhibition arrived in Belgium on October 27th 2007. The exhibition not only brought to local people the feeling of pure compassion and beauty, it also deeply moved the exhibition organiser.

The audience earnestly appreciates the paintings and read the illustrations

The audience listened to the guide’s narration of the real stories behind the paintings

This is the third time the exhibition has been held in Belgium. During every exhibition, visitors were deeply moved by Falun Gong practitioners’ unwavering spirit expressed in the paintings and shocked by the brutal nature of the persecution suffered by them in China. This exhibition was no exception.

On the afternoon of October 27th a cocktail party was held in the host museum to welcome guests. The organiser of the art exhibition Nina Rogers made a brief speech. She said that these paintings expressed the beauty of human nature and life. They also showed the Chinese Communist regime’s brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and the universal principle of good being rewarded with good and bad deeds receiving retribution.

Museum head Mr Marcos Talwin is a painter. He was startled with the quality of the paintings and the brutality of the persecution expressed in the paintings. He said: “These paintings are of the highest quality and exceptional. It is very difficult to imagine nowadays that such persecution is still going on. This is like a repeat of the actions of the German Gestapo during World War II.”

Ms Christie Ross said: “I am most moved by the battle between the good and evil, especially the painting “A Tragedy in China”. On the one hand you want to be a good person; on the other hand you are persecuted for that. This is not right.”

Mr. Ealing from Antwerp is a frequent visitor to various art exhibitions. He liked the painting “Buddha” most: “I am most deeply moved by the painting “Buddha”. I always hope to see beautiful things from the paintings. That painting expresses compassion.”

After a day’s exhibition, the exhibition organiser Nina was very touched: “Today I suddenly realised that the more people learn the truth, the weaker the Chinese Communist regime becomes. If people around the world all know the truth, the Chinese Communist regime would not have the ability to carry on this persecution. This is the largest significance of our holding this art exhibition.”

The host museum for this art exhibition provided the place for the week long exhibition free of charge.

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