Switzerland: Letting Chinese People Know the Truth about Falun Gong at a Tourist Site

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Some people say that Lausanne is the most beautiful city in Switzerland. It is winter right now and snow already covers the mountain. Reflected in the blue water of the lake, it looks even more beautiful. The city attracts tourists from many countries, especially tourists from Mainland China, even more so this year. Falun Gong practitioners in Switzerland make full use of this opportunity, telling precious Chinese people the truth about Falun Gong and urging them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organisations. The following are a few little stories.

A computer engineer from Mainland China exposes the crimes of the wicked Chinese Communist Party

Falun Gong practitioners met a computer engineer from Mainland China. They told him the truth about Falun Gong, gave him a copy of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, and told him about the great tide of withdrawals from the CCP. When asked if he read the “Nine Commentaries”, he said he heard about it, but hadn’t read it. However he is fully aware of the evilness of the CCP. The CCP has harmed many people. Because his family owned land before CCP took over China, they suffered greatly. His father used to attend school in the city and was doing very well. He should have been able to go to a good university. Instead he was sent to the countryside by the evil CCP and stayed there the whole of his life. The CCP originally said the land belonged to the farmers. However during the People’s Commune, all land was nationalised by the CCP without any compensation. The farmers were deprived of everything. Later during the public private joint ownership, the CCP nationalised all properties belonged to the middle classes and business owners. The CCP is just a bunch of hooligans and robbers.

Practitioners told him that the CCP has persecuted Chinese people for over fifty years. It is persecuting Falun Gong now. It even harvests organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for profit. Such an atrocity cannot be tolerated. In Guizhou, an ancient stone with words “the Chinese Communist Party perishes” appeared. The day the CCP perishes is very close. This engineer said that the sooner the better. Practitioners asked him if he has withdrawn from the CCP organisations. He said he never joined CCP. He only joined the Communist Youth League after his class leader filled the application form for him. However he did join the young pioneers. Practitioners urged him to withdraw from these memberships. He said he has quitted in his heart long ago. Practitioners told him that he can make a statement of quitting the CCP on the Internet and that they can help him do it. He replied with a sincere, "Thank you".

"This is not political"

One day there were a group of Chinese tourists waiting for their coach. Practitioners went to them to give out the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”. But these tourists were afraid of taking the material. Practitioners told them the on-going great tide of withdrawing from the CCP and that the CCP’s root has been pulled out. There are already over 28 million people who have quitted the CCP, from Shanxi official Jia Jia and China Eastern Airline captain seeking asylum to the atrocity of the Chinese Communist regime’s organ harvest from living Falun Gong practitioners exposed by the Canadian independent investigators. People all listened carefully. Practitioners said: here are the detailed reports and the “Nine Commentaries”, you can take them and read them on the coach. Some people said, “We very much want to read it, but we don’t dare to take it.” Pointing to the person going leading the group, another person said, “If you can persuade that Party Secretary to take one, we will all take one.” Practitioner said, “Actually that Party Secretary also wants to read it very much.” At this time four people took the material.

The coach driver was from the Czech Republic. He had been observing and urging people to board. People started to move to the coach. Practitioner also followed them. The driver saw the practitioner and asked, “Why do my guests take so little material?” Practitioners told him the persecution of Falun Gong in China exposed him to the slander by the CCP against Falun Gong and other atrocities. The driver was very shocked. He said, “Oh! The Communist Party, I know it is very brutal. This is not political.” Practitioner continued, “The CCP blocks everything. We want to give them material and let them know the truth so that this brutal persecution can be ended.” The driver said, “Excellent. Well done. Please give me the material and I will give it to them.” By now everyone had seated. The driver boarded the coach and gave each one a copy of the material. Everybody immediately started to read. From the window, it could be seen that the Party Secretary was also reading it. The driver raised his hands and smiled to practitioner. Practitioners waved back and were truly pleased with this kind driver.

Not disturbed by interference and keep up with telling the truth

Once a practitioner was telling the truth to a group of Chinese people. A woman started to make impertinent remarks full of bad language. Practitioner kindly tried to persuade her not to talk in bad language and gave her a copy of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” and said to her, “Please take a look at this.” She lifted her hands to push away the paper that fell on the floor after hitting a Westerner. She stepped on the paper and tried to hit the practitioner. Chinese and Western people around were all looking at her. At this time a Westerner said to her, “Don’t treat him (a practitioner) like that.” This practitioner picked up the paper and said to her with smile: please don’t get angry. He translated what the Westerner said and continued, “We are all Chinese. We don’t have hatred. It is not easy to come abroad. Please pay attention to your behaviour.”

This woman would not take the advice and carried on swearing. The practitioner then turned his attention to other Chinese people. Some people came to take the material on their own initiative. From their look, it was very easy to see many people disapproved of her behaviour. By now people started to board their coach. Practitioner also walked along the crowd to the coach. The woman was still foul mouthing while boarding. Two people approached practitioner and said quietly, “Please help us to withdraw from the CCP.” Practitioner agreed. Suddenly some people on the coach said, “Please give me the material.” A practitioner immediately delivered one. Then another person put out her hand. Practitioner didn’t take a look at the person and gave a copy of the material. The person ripped the material and threw out of the coach. Practitioner took a look and it was that woman again. She shouted, “I represent everyone on the coach to scold you.” At this moment many people replied, “Who do you represent? You can’t represent anyone!” Other people said: “Are you finished?” She still carried on. Some people shouted: “You shut up!” Only then she restrained herself.

The practitioner was not disturbed by this woman’s behaviour. He sincerely hoped that she still would have opportunity to learn the truth in the future. The practitioner was also pleased for the compatriots who were willing to learn the truth and have a sense of justice.

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