France: Divine Land Marching Band Touches People's Hearts

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On the 29th of December, the European Divine Land Marching Band paraded through the main streets and Chinese quarter of Paris, France, showing people the beauty of Falun Dafa. Others in the parade supported the wave of renouncements of CCP membership, which now total over 30 million.

Nearly two hundred practitioners took part in the parade. This was the second performance for the Divine Land Band in Paris since it was formed in 2006.

Falun Gong parade Divine Land Marching Band

Practitioners told people about the benefits of practising Falun Gong and the horrors of the persecution over a PA system.

People of Paris Enjoy Divine Land Marching Band's performance

In the misty and rainy Paris morning, the parade set off after the lighting of fire crackers. When the band played their first piece of music, a pure sound penetrated the sky. The pieces the marching band performed included original music like "Falun Dafa is good" and "Fa rectifies the cosmos", as well as Beethoven's famous "Ode to Joy". When people heard the music, smiles were seen on their faces.

One lady said that the band is truly great and the music they performed beautiful. She felt they had shown China in a new light. Another French lady felt that the band was truly stunning and brought life into the city. A young person from south Asia said that the band was breathtaking.

People are willing to learn the truth

The parade moved people's hearts. Passing through Chinatown, thousands of Chinese people watched the band with eyes wide open. Some workers even rushed out of their workplaces in their uniforms to experience the glorious atmosphere left by the Falun Gong practitioners. People read slogans about quitting the CCP and listened to the loudspeakers urging people to quit the Party. People watched, listened and did not want to leave. Their faces showed thought, hope and joy.

A couple from Geneva saw the parade and asked question after question, their main aim being to find out exactly what the nature of the CCP is. They sincerely hoped practitioners can successfully carry on the task of bringing truth to people and one day stop the persecution.

Another spectator expressed that practitioners were lucky in being able to come to France to let people know the truth. He felt that standing up against the persecution was the best way and that practitioners did it very well by using their confidence and freedom, whilst supporting each other in their actions. He felt that their actions were much better than keeping silent.

China without the CCP would be better

When a French lady understood what "China is beginning a new life, the CCP is disintegrating" meant, she agreed with it immediately and said, "If China does not have the CCP, everyone would be able to live better, because people do not need such a party." A Vietnamese spectator also told us how he dislikes the CCP and believes that China would be greater without the CCP. Mr. Zhang from the PSD further said, "The CCP truly committed a serious crime against China. A Party like this, they have done too many bad things. Once the right time comes, they will perish overnight. This is unquestionable."

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