Two Senior Citizens in China Experience the Miraculous Effects of Practising Falun Dafa

I am now in my seventies; I started practising Falun Gong in 1996.

Before that, I suffered from several serious diseases. I have had poor health ever since I was young. I suffered from serious bronchitis and asthma. My asthma was especially serious during the winter months, and it worsened after I reached fifty. In addition, I developed pulmonary emphysema and allergic tracheitis. Not only did I need to take medicine daily, but I also frequently had to be hospitalised and given oxygen treatment. These terrible diseases were with me for over sixty years.

Later I developed another horrifying disease - I had symmetrical wounds in the flanks of my two calves. The wounds secreted blood and pus. They appeared one after another, each measuring several centimetres, and they were so deep that my bone was exposed. It was truly frightening. You can imagine how much I had suffered and the pressure on me, as well as my husband and children.

I had been to many major hospitals all over the country seeking treatment. Every time I went with hope and came back with despair! All the famous doctors could do nothing about my diseases.

One day, one of my friends who practices Falun Gong came to visit me. She saw all kinds of medicines in my home and asked me why I took so many kinds of medicine. I rolled up my pants and showed her my wounds. She was too shocked to even look at them. She sighed and said, "You can practice Falun Gong with me. You will be all right." At that time, I did not want to go to the practice site to learn the exercises. She said, "I will come by and get you tomorrow morning."

The next morning she came to my home. I thought to myself, "Ok, I will go and take a look. I'll give it a shot since it won't hurt." I followed her to the practice site. There were several dozen people standing with their arms raised. My friend told me, "They are practising the second set of exercises." I then stood behind a practitioner and started practising. Listening to the wonderful music, I finished the second set of exercises, which lasted forty minutes, with ease. I felt warm and very comfortable, and my breath became even and smooth. She asked me how I felt. I said, "Very good." She then said, "I will come and get you tomorrow morning." I told her, "You don't need to. I will come here by myself."

From that day on, I went to the site to practice the movements each morning, and to meditate and study the Falun Gong teachings in the afternoon. Six or seven days later, veteran practitioners asked me about my legs. I showed them. They asked me, "Are you still taking medicine?" I replied, "Can I be cured without medicine?" I didn't understand the true power or the miraculous effects that can come about from practising Falun Dafa; the Great Law of the universe. They told me to try it out without the medicine. I still was not convinced. I then did an experiment--one leg treated with medicine and the other without. I wanted to see which one got better.

After two weeks, the leg without treatment healed and new tissue started to grow, whereas the leg with the treatment became worse. It secreted more blood and showed no sign of healing. I came to understand that Falun Dafa is indeed supernormal! I then stopped taking medicine altogether. Two weeks later, my legs were completely healed.

While I put all of my attention on my legs, my pulmonary emphysema and allergic tracheitis were also healed. One time when I called my brother, he was surprised to hear that I was no longer short of breath. I told him that my diseases were cured after practising Falun Gong. I felt very light when I walked. It was the same feeling as described in the book Zhuan Falun. In addition, it seemed that all practitioners experienced magnificent feelings. Their health became better and better, and they became better people as well.

The above is my own experience. When strangers see me, they tell me that I look as if I am in my fifties. When I clarify truth, I show people the coin-size scars in my leg. Most people have a positive attitude towards the practice and know that what the Chinese Communist Party says is a lie.

Experience Sharing 2
I Hope that Everyone can Come to Learn the Truth About Falun Dafa

I am a retired worker in Cangzhou of China, and I started practising Falun Gong in 1997. Before I started to practise, I suffered from many different diseases. The most serious ones were gallstones and a form of heart disease. I also had retinitis pigmentosa, arthritis and chronic gastroenteritis. While suffering so much pain, I struggled and felt that life was hopeless. In the summer of 1996, I had appendicitis. After the surgery, I was too weak to do housework. Suffering from many diseases and having no money for medical treatment, I was truly miserable and waiting for death.

In spring of 1997, my sister came to visit me. She told me that Falun Dafa was a wonderful practice. She asked me to try it and gave me the book Zhuan Falun and another book with Teacher's articles. I read it and felt as if I had the most precious thing. Since then, I have closely followed the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," and started on my path of cultivation. A week later, a miracle happened to me. First, I quit smoking with ease. I had been smoking one pack a day for over thirty years. It had been very difficult for me to quit. Now, only seven days later, Teacher helped me to achieve it.

One month later, all diseases that had tortured me for many years disappeared. I felt very energetic. I could eat food that had been forbidden due to my gastroenteritis and my joints no longer hurt. Since that time I have not taken any medicine. I am now over sixty years old and can work as though I were in my twenties.

In a very short period of time, I went from a person in very poor health to one with very good health. All of my neighbours witnessed the wonders of the practice, and they said, "Faun Gong is truly miraculous."

On July 20th, 1999, the head of the Chinese Communist Party, Jiang Zemin and his evil regime started persecuting Falun Gong. It slandered Falun Gong and Teacher. My heart was never moved as my life is bestowed by Teacher. My neighbours also commented, "I don't believe that Falun Gong is not good. Look what happened to Lao."

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