France: Chinese Spectacular Brings a Perfect Example of Chinese Culture to Paris

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After seeing the Chinese Spectacular in Paris on March 1st, the president of Lien Direct Association said that it was a wonderful experience and a discovery of true Chinese culture. The association specializes in coordination between businesses and elected legislators.

Audience at the Spectacular

"The dancers are wonderful," he said. "Tonight, I learned about the three features of your classical dance: bearing, form and technique. I think the performers' exquisite bearing and form made the dances so different. You can see technique in other shows, but you cannot find the beauty I saw tonight."

Lien Direct Association president said that the show was a wonderful experience

Henry, a Vietnamese Chinese, said, "This show is very beautiful. I have been to China and have seen quite a few Chinese shows. However, this is so different from others. I loved the 'Nymphs of the Sea' and the drummers."

Henry said that he was an engineer and an IT manager for a public relations firm. "People in France have never seen this type of show. It is quite beautiful. The backdrop, costumes, and colors were great. The MCs' introductions were very good and full of humor."


Corine: The show brought us a perfect example

Corine works for a cable TV station. She said that she loved the color, dances, and the live orchestra. "Chinese culture has a long history, and this show was a perfect example of that culture," she said.

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