Taiwan: Social Worker in Tainan,Taiwan says "Art Can Wipe Out the Shadow of Violence"

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The second performance of the Divine Performing Arts of New York was staged in the city of Tainan, in southern Taiwan, on March 1st. The performance remains unprecedented and enchanted many in the audience. Director of the Tainan County Housing Centre for the Homeless Liu Shu-hui, teacher Ms. Chen, and eight children attended the show. Director Liu expressed her gratitude to the organisers, who offered the opportunity to the children to experience the Chinese Spectacular. Exposure to such a fine cultural event can only help the children in the long run.

Director of Tainan County Housing Center for Homeless Children, Liu Shu-hui
Teacher Ms. Chen Ying-chen
Children, Director Liu, Ms. Chen of the Tainan County Housing Centre for Homeless Children

Teacher Chen Ying-chen feels more confident that arts can help children wipe out the shadow of injury after she watched the performances.

Director Liu said that the students in the Housing Centere come from disadvantaged families. Today these children could develop broader perspectives by watching the performance of the Divine Performing Arts.

Chen, followed by a group of students, said "Many cultural activities can help children out of the shadow of violence in various ways, such as art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, etc. However, after I watched today's performances, I feel like such good performances will for sure enable the children to recover from their spiritual trauma and we also hope to use this very natural way to help children."

Speaking of her impressions of the show she said: "I see many different colours in a variety of costumes and its exciting content, in particular the integration of the figures from the Chinese and the West, no regional difference. In addition to the presentation of miracles, the show presents the symbol of peace."

Chen said "The Fruits of Goodness" impressed her deeply, "There are scenes of deities, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and dances with modern costumes. A man in the performance was reformed and moved by Bodhisattvas suddenly in a dream. Thereafter, he was determined to rebuild himself, worship and respect Heaven and God. The scene greatly touched me. The show is superb and is touring all over Taiwan. It is worth recommending, worth watching again and again."

When asked what programme the students liked most, students said: "The show is pretty good. We have never watched such a good show before, even never on television. The programme of 'Water Sleeves' is superb and the costumes are beautiful."

Huang Yan-tsi, a 7th grader said: "I love 'Water Sleeves'. They danced very beautifully. The drummers are so neat and powerful. They are superb! We have drum group in our school, too, but they are no match to them." Another little girl said her favourites were 'Nymphs of the Sea' and 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei'. She thinks it would be wonderful if her Mom and Dad can also look at these wonderful performances.

Director Liu said she would put the information about the show on the school bulletin boards and tell other students about the performances. The students who had come to the show enjoyed it tremendously.

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