United States: Practitioners Rally in Washington, DC Against the Escalation of the Persecution of Falun Gong in the Run-Up to the Olympics

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Dozens of practitioners from the greater Washington DC area rallied in front of the Chinese Embassy at noon March 18th to protest CCP atrocities. The CCP issued a secret decree recently in the name of the "Central Political and Judiciary Commission." The decree discreetly ordered large-scale arrests and door-to-door searches of Falun Gong practitioners across China prior to the Olympics, resulting in many cases of death because of torture.

Practitioners rally in front of Chinese Embassy

Practitioners rally in front of Chinese Embassy

Mr. He, a software engineer from North Virginia, pointed out that the Beijing Olympics has become the top excuse used by the CCP to brutally persecute Falun Gong, and that this is a serious blemish on the Olympic spirit. The CCP's "political campaign" style Olympics is far away from the sacred Olympics in people's mind. Mr. He called upon people from all walks of life to be aware of the CCP's crimes in the name of preparing for the Olympics, and work together to condemn human rights abuses.

Dr. Huang, a NASA engineer, pointed out that the CCP appointed Liu Qi as president of the Beijing Olympics Liu Qi and Chen Zhili as vice-president. Both have been sued overseas for their involvement in serious human rights violations. Hence, the criminals who have been persecuting Falun Gong will host the Olympic Games.

In 2002, then Beijing Mayor Liu Qi was delivered a summons for a lawsuit against him at the San Francisco airport on his way to Salt Lake City to take part in the Winter Olympics. He was charged with torture, inhuman maltreatment, unreasonable imprisonment, crimes against human rights, and depriving people of their freedom of belief.

On June 11th, 2003, a local judge found Liu Qi guilty and disqualified him from diplomatic immunity. On December 8th, 2004, district court judge Wilkin confirmed the local judge's report and found Liu Qi guilty.

The verdict makes it impossible for Liu Qi to freely visit the United States. Once he arrives in the US, he will be served legal procedure regarding the case charging him with torture and crimes against humanity.

Chen Zhili, meanwhile, has been sued in Canada and Tanzania. When Chen Zhili was Minister of Education, her policies resulted in schools brainwashing students and teachers against Falun Gong. On February 7th, 2006, five Falun Gong practitioners in Canada filed a lawsuit at the Supreme Court of British Columbia, charging Chen Zhili who came to visit on that very day, with torture and crimes against humanity. It was the second lawsuit against Chen Zhili since she was sued in Tanzania on July 19th, 2004 for torture and killing Falun Gong practitioners in the education system.

Rally participants asked the world's people to investigate the human rights records of these officials, so that they could see clearly who was really hosting the Olympics, and understand how the Olympics have been employed in China as a means to conduct political persecution.

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