Ukraine Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference

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From June 6th to the 8th, a Falun Gong experience sharing conference was held in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, practitioners from countries including Russia, Belarus and Latvia took part in the conference and shared their experiences and understandings gained through practising Falun Dafa.

Kekadelinna from Belarus described how she and her husband handled the job and money in the right way. They started a project to validate the Fa and they needed funds, but their salaries were not much, then it created an attachment of expecting a higher salary; however they didn’t do well in their jobs and their lives were turned into a difficult situation. After communicating, they realised their shortage and attachment then they set strict demands on themselves, they worked very hard without any complaint and unexpectedly their salaries had been increased more than once, and the project was financed with enough funds.

Alla from Sevastopol stated when she got opportunity to watch the Devine Performance Show in the Czech Republic; she was troubled by a bad pain due to eliminating karma. However, after watching the show, she had a feeling of flying when she walked with a light body; moreover, she also felt the giant energy from the Devine Show, she shed tears of joy.

Russian practitioners also shared their experience while attending the New York Fa Conference and the feeling of meeting Master; they realised that the more close to the final stages of the Fa rectification period, the more strict demands needed to be set by ourselves; the more diligent we should be.

During the break, Falun Gong practitioners also organised a candle light night vigil in memory the practitioners who were killed by persecution of the CCP and call for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong.

On the last day of the conference, the practitioners paraded. A lot of people watched practitioners' torture exhibition, which exposed the brutal treatment practitioners face in China, and many wept for the innocent Falun Gong practitioners who have suffered in the terrible and long lasting persecution.

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