Germany: European Divine Land Marching Band Performs in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is not only famous for the oldest university in Germany, but also for the most gorgeous castle in Europe – Heidelberg castle. The castle enjoys similar status as Versailles. On June 22nd, 2008, magnificent music resounded in front of the ancient castle.

The European Divine Land Marching Band played five tunes: "Falun Dafa is Good", "Fa Drums and Trumpets Shake Ten Directions", "Ode to Joy", "Fa Zhen Qian Kun" and "Delivering Treasure".

Many tourists happily accepted Falun Gong leaflets handed out by practitioners. While watching the performance, a young mother with baby in hand danced to the music. Some tourists snapped photos of the band. After the performance, people near the castle leaned out of windows to applaud.

Aside from the castle, the band also performed at the pedestrian streets in old town. Two ladies danced to the music. Many coffee shop patrons applauded the band. An elderly couple followed the band the whole way and praised, “Fantastic, brilliant.”

Members of the band range from teenagers to seventy-year-olds. They came from various nations, speaking an assortment of languages. But they all share a common wish – to communicate the beauty of Falun Gong to listeners through music. They also hope the truth can be known through the music so that people can learn more about innocent Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. In the past year or so, members of the band performed across Europe in their own time, on their own expenses. The beautiful music played was appreciated by many. The performance at Heidelberg centre was number twenty-seven.

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