Coordinate as One Body to Rescue Fellow Practitioners

A local police station illegally arrested two practitioners. Our local coordinator notified all practitioners in a short amount of time. Everyone took part in sending forth righteous thoughts, making truth-clarifying materials, and visiting the police station to demand their release.

My wife and I were responsible for writing letters and posting flyers. During the day, we wrote letters to two policemen and their wives clarifying the truth. At night, we prepared flyers and went out to post them. We sent forth righteous thoughts along the way. We posted flyers outside a policeman's home, from the hallway and all over both sides of the street where he lives. We also posted flyers along the street outside of another policeman's home all the way to the police station. The flyers listed their evil doings.

Since my wife is near sighted, I asked her to send forth righteous thoughts as I was posting the flyers on the police station gate. The gate was well lit, and four or five police cars were parked there. People were going in and out of the gate as if they were having a meeting. I told myself that I couldn't just leave; that I wouldn't leave until I put the fliers on their door and walls; and that I was eliminating evil and we were not afraid.

I walked up and saw nobody in the police cars. There were two people talking several meters away. They didn't pay attention to what I was doing. I posted one flyer on the wall, about one meter away from the gate. I turned around and walked away. The two people were still talking when I looked back.

On the way back, we posted the last few flyers. When I finished posting one and suddenly noticed a police car parked less than ten meters from us. I could see clearly that few policemen were smoking inside. But they did not see us.

A few days later, the two arrested practitioners safely returned. This is the result of coordinated efforts from all practitioners in our region. It shocked the evil and validated the power of practitioners' one body.

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