Let Go of the Attachment to Sentimentality and Harmonize with the One Body

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Master said in Zhuan Falun, "If this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practice cultivation." As practitioners, if we are not attached to sentimentality, we will be able to develop a heart of compassion. We should let go of the attachment to self and harmonize better with the whole body to save more sentient beings.

Eliminating Emotional Attachments to Fellow Practitioners

I am a young, female practitioner. I started practicing Falun Gong last year. A veteran practitioner helped me greatly in the beginning of my cultivation. Having spent a lot of time with this practitioner, I unknowingly developed the attachment of sentimentality towards her, and when she had to go to a different area for a while, I missed her company. One time as I was doing the sitting meditation, I sprained my calf muscles when I thought of her again. After she came home, I told her about my situation. She told me kindly, "This is also an attachment." I knew I was emotionally attached to fellow practitioners and I should eliminate it. However, I didn't seriously eliminate the attachment because I still wished to study the Fa with her.

Later, another practitioner helped me establish a small production site to make copies of truth-clarification CDs. Another practitioner was needed to help coordinate the distribution of the CDs. The veteran practitioner was considered as the best candidate. After the coordinator told her about it, however, she didn't reply or come get the CDs at my house. I really hoped the CDs would be distributed as soon as possible to save sentient beings, so one morning, after sending forth righteous thoughts, I went to her place. However, she didn't mention anything about the CDs and I didn't bring it up because of my human sentiments. Back at home, I went on the Internet and read practitioners' experience sharing articles that discussed about how practitioners should search within when they encounter a tribulation and how to harmonize with the whole body. I asked myself, "Why did she act like that? It must be my problem." I found that I still had the attachment of sentimentality towards her. After I realized this, I went to her place immediately. I talked to her openly, "Master taught us not to go in circles when we talk, so I am going to tell you straightforwardly. This morning I didn't ask because of my human sentiments. What we are doing is saving sentient beings and validating Dafa, not validating ourselves. Do you have any thoughts about the task allocation?" The veteran practitioner smiled and replied, "I'll start tomorrow." From this experience, I learned that we should treasure our predestined relationships with fellow practitioners, but we shouldn't be attached to them emotionally. It will have an impact on saving sentient beings. Hence, we should eliminate any attachment of sentimentality to fellow practitioners.

Letting Go of the Attachment to Loved Ones

Some of my relatives still do not understand and have even refused to listen to the truth about
Falun Gong. This is because I have not been able to let go of my emotional attachment to them. I anxiously worry about them. After reading Master's articles regarding this attachment, I realized that I considered them as my loved ones and not sentient beings who need to be saved. Now, I always ask myself whether I clarify the truth to them the same way that I clarify the truth to other sentient beings.

The attachment to sentimentality to loved ones has caused a big loophole in my cultivation. Towards the end of last year, my family persuaded me to take my children to the South to celebrate Chinese New Year. On the way there, however, we were met with a snowstorm. The train was stuck for eight hours. I didn't enlighten to the opportunity to clarify the truth of Falun Gong. I did not act as a practitioner nor did I do the three things. During that time, my father-in-law, who is also a practitioner, passed away on the third day of the first lunar month. When I looked within, I saw my attachment to sentimentality. If I was at home, I could have helped send forth righteous thoughts for him, studied the Fa with him and shared from the Fa's perspective. When I returned home, the water pipe in my kitchen had burst, flooding the whole kitchen with an inch of water.

During the time I was in the South, local practitioners had to find others to make copies of the truth-clarification CDs. This caused losses in saving sentient beings. I still regret what I did.

As a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period, we will save more people if we completely let go of the attachment to human sentiments and harmonize with the whole body.

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