Taiwan: Practitioners Hold an Experience Sharing Conference on Clarifying the Truth to China

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The annual "Experience Sharing Conference on Fa-study and Clarifying the Truth to People in China" was held on July 27th, 2008, at the Youth Activities Centre in Caotun, Nantou County, Taiwan. About a thousand Falun Gong practitioners attended, and many shared their experiences of clarifying the facts to Chinese compatriots in mainland China. They shared how in the course of truth clarification, they had improved their xinxing [heart/mind nature; moral character] and overcome fear, and how they remained compassionate in saving Chinese people who had been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) lies and propaganda, while coordinating and cooperating with each other to achieve a good effect. The experience sharing touched every practitioner's heart.

The "Experience Sharing Meeting on Fa-study and Clarifying the Facts to Mainland China" held in Nantou County on July 27th, 2008

Making Phone Calls to Police Officers in China

Mr. Liu from Taipei shared his experience of making phone calls to China to clarify the truth. He has been directly calling the evil dark dens where practitioners are persecuted to subdue the evil. He has heard many police officers say, "I'm genuinely convinced, you have made phone calls from morning to evening, and you can reach me even after I have changed my phone number." Mr. Liu also heard some fellow practitioners who were released from prisons say that the overseas phone calls touched the hearts of those who received them. It is very important to them. Some people who had previously refused to listen to the facts or realise that the evil CCP was bad, changed their minds after the practitioners persevered in efforts to clarify the facts to them. Ultimately, the practitioners heard people on the other side of the phone say, "I agree with what you said," or say, "All right, I quit [the CCP and its affiliated organisations]."

The practitioners' phone calls have reached all over China, including Huangtu Plateau, Yungui Plateau and the countryside. Some people who received the phone calls said that they had just installed telephones, and the practitioners' phone calls were able to reach them in such remote areas. Some people asked the practitioners to talk more and they took turns listening to the practitioners' speeches. Some phone calls reached high-ranking government officials or court judges. These people are usually not easy to contact, but the practitioners were able to find them and tell them the facts. Some phone calls reached people in areas where there were protests against the CCP's suppression. They said that the practitioners' phone calls are their spiritual food, providing them with the firsthand news and information.

Mr. Zhou from Taipei said that he made phone calls targeting specific persecution cases. He did so because these units persecute people every day. Clarifying the truth is not only to save people, but also to stop those people from doing evil deeds. Actually when the local environment becomes more free, it is natural that more people will be saved.

Days ago, practitioners in Henan Province told Mr. Zhou that a head of 610 Office received over 40 phone calls from overseas in one day, as a result, the head's defiance immediately disappeared, and detained practitioners subsequently regained their freedom.

Internet Chats to Advise Chinese People to Quit the CCP and its Affiliated Organisations

A practitioner from Kaohsiung whose surname is Chang shared her experience of advising Chinese people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations through Internet chats. At the beginning, she did not know how to type, her hands were trembling, her heart beat fast and her blood pressure increased, but she eventually succeeded in helping Chinese people quit the CCP. While chatting, she let go of her fear and experienced trials and tests of her xinxing. She gave an example, that while chatting on the Internet, she was often scolded or humiliated. It was really a test for her xinxing and patience whether or not she would continue clarifying the facts to those people this way.

Ms. Li Zhi is a teacher, who shared her experience of clarifying the truth using the Internet. She said that she once met a Chinese person whose mind had been seriously poisoned by the CCP culture. He refused to read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, or visit the websites she recommended. He was very unfriendly, his words were full of frivolity and he kept cursing. But she did not give up on him, and sent him some news links every day. Unexpectedly, after a period of time, his attitude gradually changed. It can be seen that if people often read news in unbiased media, the Party culture will gradually be cleared away.

Ms. Li continued, "One day, the man had a low mood and got on the Internet to talk with me. He said that his father was in the advanced stages of cancer, and he was on his last breath in the hospital. He asked me if I had some method to rescue his father. I said there was only one way to save his father, that is to learn Falun Dafa. He remained silent. I thought he did not believe it. Unexpectedly, after a period of time, he began talking again and told me that Falun Gong was really effective, and that his father's cancer was cured after practising Falun Gong. The hospital checkup showed no cancer at all in his father. I then encouraged him to read the Nine Commentaries, and he agreed to read it."

In the afternoon session of experience sharing, many practitioners discussed how to save more sentient beings, and shared their solid cultivation experiences. The sharing concluded successfully. Everyone felt the sharing was very meaningful and they were honored to be able to participate.

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