Letter from a New Zealand Citizen: Standing Beside These Genuinely Decent Folk, I Am Content, Rubbing Shoulders with These Warm and Friendly Souls

On August 4th, 2008, an Epoch Times editor received the following letter from Mr. Richard McRobbie, a New Zealand citizen. Mr. McRobbie described his experience and feeling when he was standing alongside Falun Gong protestors on the footpath outside the Chinese Embassy in howling wind and freezing rain.

Dear Editor,

Standing alongside Falun Gong protestors on the footpath outside the Chinese Embassy on Great South Road at Penrose in howling wind and freezing rain, I'm beginning to question my own sanity. Why am I putting myself through this? What is the use of it, I ask myself? Looking up at the dark clouds scudding across the wintry grey skies, I had a sudden profound realization. This conflict is primeval, as ancient as time itself, a "yin-yang" thing. The eternal, never-ending struggle between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness being enacted right here, right now. On the one hand we have a demonic, murderous Communist regime in Beijing, who, for no valid logical reason declared total war on all those who are good, decent and pure. On the other hand we have this incredibly brave, courageous band of Falun Gong practitioners standing alone against the fury and might of the evil, draconian regime. Good versus evil. The goodness and righteousness of Falun Gong versus the insidious evil of the Chinese Communist Party.

Any Government which systematically imprisons, tortures and murders millions of it's own citizens can only be described as evil. There is no other more appropriate adjective or descriptive term applicable in this case. The term evil thus applies to the Chinese Communist government in Beijing. Any government practicing genocide on such a massive scale as Beijing deserves to be labeled as evil, inhuman. that is good in the character of the Chinese epitomize all that is good in the character of the Chinese race. By contrast, these Falun Gong people epitomize all that is good in the character of the Chinese race. They really do characterize all that is righteous in human nature.

Standing in the lashing rain beside these genuinely decent folk, I am content to be counted among their numbers, rubbing shoulders with these warm and friendly souls. But, I wonder, would I be feeling so brave and tough if this was Tiananmen Square and I was looking down the barrel of an AK47 being aimed at me by some fanatical Chinese soldier? I think not, and as I gaze around me at the Falun Gong protestors here in safe, familiar old Auckland City, I am again filled with admiration and profound respect for these peaceful, loving people because, yes, they did stare death in the face, and no, they never blinked. Not even once. In my heart of hearts I know I would be terribly afraid, whereas these wonderfully brave Falun Gong practitioners have no fear whatsoever; these indomitable souls don't even know the meaning of the word "fear."

The very worst I face is a chilly, blustery wind and a bit of rain, whereas these gutsy, courageous Falun Gong people have been subjected to summary arrest and unlawful, arbitrary imprisonment. They've been slapped, punched, kicked, clubbed, beaten, burned, stabbed, starved, frozen, electrocuted, raped, butchered and murdered by the thousand without flinching.

Maybe I'm hoping some of their courage and inner strength will rub off onto me. Perhaps I'll be stronger, better and braver by association?

New Zealanders do endeavor to be fair, liberal and democratic. We do value truthfulness and honesty. We do value compassion and kindness. We do value endurance and tolerance. We have much in common with Falun Gong. Probably the greatest affinity we share though, is an aversion to tyranny, an intense dislike of despotism, so it seems natural we should stand together in solidarity against the monstrous evils perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to read this letter. I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Richard McRobbie
Auckland, New Zealand

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