Japan: Truth-Compassion-Tolerance Art Exhibition Touches Residents of Toyota City

Starting on August 13th, 2008, more than forty paintings were on display as part of the five-day Truth-Compassion-Tolerance Art Exhibition in Toyota Exhibition Hall. It was the thirteenth Truth-Compassion-Tolerance Art Exhibition in Japan.

Artist Yitousanshun: The exhibition should be held in more places

Right after the opening of the exhibition, Mr. Yitousanshun, a well-known Japanese painter and President of the International Art Institute, came to view the paintings. After listening to explanations on the background of the paintings, he said that it was hard to imagine the persecution of Falun Gong happening in China and that the exhibition should be held in more places.

Mr. Yitousanshun received a flyer about the exhibition a few days before the opening, and was impressed with the painting of "A Tragedy in China". He took time from his busy schedule and spent more than two hours to travel to Toyota. After viewing the paintings, he praised Mr. Kunlun Zhang's artwork.

Mr. Yitousanshun has won many awards in international art exhibitions. After seeing this exhibition, he painted two of his best works, "Mount Fuji" and "Roc", in an impromptu performance. He presented the two paintings to the Falun Dafa Association.

Aichi County Council Member: The CCP will collapse soon

A member of the Aichi County Council is the director of the Japan-China Friendship Association in Toyota City. On the morning of August 14th, he and his friends came to view the paintings. He loves Chinese culture and has visited China many times. He has been active in promoting non-governmental exchange between the Chinese and Japanese people. When asked about his thoughts on the exhibition, he said that he was touched. He said before leaving, "The Chinese Communist Party will collapse soon."

Employee of Toyota Auto Plant: I'll bring my family to see the exhibition

Employees of the Toyota Auto Plant make up about a quarter of Toyota City's total population. The city's original name was Colomo, but with Toyota's popularity around the world, the city changed its name to Toyota in 1959. Some employees came to see the exhibition on the afternoon of the first day. One of them said that he did not know such severe human rights abuses were happening in China, and he wondered why the Japanese media did not cover it. He took flyers about the exhibition and Falun Gong, and said that he would bring his family to view the paintings.

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