How I Came to Set Up a Truth-Clarification Materials Centre at My Home

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For a long time, I was responsible for shipping Falun Gong materials between fellow practitioners in my local area. I never dared to think about the possibility of setting up a materials production centre in my own home. I thought I was only qualified to do physical labour. I thought making truth-clarification materials was something that was way beyond my capability. Besides, we already had fellow practitioners in my area taking care of creating materials. Thus, I didn't need to worry about it.

If there was anything wrong with our machines, I'd ship them to other areas for help. I didn't know anything about those machines. I didn't understand all those terminologies, so I wasn't able to describe the problems clearly. The practitioner who helped us with our machines suggested to me that I should learn about the technologies to help with our work, but I was afraid of high-tech things like computers and printers. I had a strong attachment of relying on fellow practitioners. I still thought I should have nothing to do with producing materials.

The other practitioner often shared her understandings with me and tried to get me to think about the issue from the Fa. Gradually, I developed a thought that I wanted to learn about the technology so at least I would be able to visit the Clearwisdom website. It was always my wish that I could talk to and improve with fellow practitioners around the world via the platform of the Clearwisdom website. One day, I asked the practitioner at our local materials centre to teach me how to do this. She was very glad since she was planning to go to another area to train fellow practitioners there to set up a materials centre. It would take a while and she was worried how to keep our local centre going. Now, I would be able to do this in her place. We both believed it was a great arrangement by our benevolent Teacher. It was so important that I was willing to learn about technology in order for me to better clarify the truth to sentient beings! I came to realize that Teacher will definitely strengthen our abilities as long as we remove our human notions, firmly validate the Fa, save sentient beings, and assist Teacher with rectifying the Fa.

After that, everything fell into place very smoothly. I thought I'd never have a clue about how the technology works; however, I was able to learn how to go online, how to download materials, and how to print out files in a very short period of time. I, as another little flower, blossomed when helping Teacher with the Fa-rectification. The other practitioner was quite relieved. She happily went to another area. Since then, I have been responsible for producing truth-clarification materials and the Minghui Weekly for my local area.

Few practitioners produce materials in our area; we don't have many family-based materials centres. Because of this, each existing materials centre has a very heavy workload, but I feel this model does not meet the needs of Teacher's Fa-rectification.

Here, I'd like to share my understanding with fellow practitioners in my area and other areas in similar situations. It is really not difficult at all to set up a family-based truth-clarification materials centre. This is, after all, not something that everyday people do as a job. I hope that we can all study the Fa more and strengthen our righteous thoughts, so we have materials centres everywhere.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct me if anything is inappropriate.

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