Compassionately Saving People, Righteously Walking My Own Path

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As a ten-plus-year Dafa practitioner, the first part of my cultivation in Fa-rectification was mainly focused on truth clarification, and the latter part was mainly working at an informational materials production site.

1. Clarifying the truth

Truth clarification has become part of my daily life--whoever I came across, I'd let him or her know the facts about Dafa. Whether shopping, on an errand, talking to a person who came to my house to install blinds, or a repairman, I would tell them, "Please remember that Falun Dafa is good." Some have even withdrawn from the Chinese Communist party organizations.

I even explained the facts about Falun Gong to our local police and Street Office Secretary, enabling them to protect Dafa practitioners behind the scenes. I deeply felt that clarifying the truth was a process of cultivating compassion and assimilating to the Fa. As long as my xinxing (character) level was raised, Teacher would take care of everything else.

2. Studying the Fa well, walking well my own path with righteous thoughts

With the help of fellow practitioners, I established a family materials site. I am nearly 60, and never having used a computer before, I learned it from scratch. For the sake of saving people, I do whatever I possibly can do.

In the process of making informational materials, regardless of how busy I was every day, I maintained studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts--this would guarantee that the material site would do well. Without the Fa's strengthening, our righteous thoughts wouldn't be strong, and the evil would take advantage of our loopholes. This could cause our equipment to malfunction, wasting our materials. One practitioner said it well, "When equipment breaks down, we should fix ourselves first because the basic problem is within ourselves."

When we first started the site, my attachments were immediately exposed--whenever there was a problem, I got so nervous, worried, and uneasy. Then, I was thinking about the situation over and over again, "This isn't going to work; I must be calm, settled down, and I must keep my mind under control." From then on, I became better and peaceful in dealing with problems. When they arose, I looked for ways to solve them.

I really understood what Teacher said,

"One's gong level is as high as one's xinxing level, and this is an absolute truth." (Lecture, Why Doesn't Your Gong Increase with Your Practice? Zhuan Falun)

Once when I was making "body protection tallies", I was inserting them (which were not properly aligned) into a mode compressor, causing them to be sucked into the machine, and the plastic wrap got burned and stuck on the wheel of the machine. What should I do? Take it to the repair shop? But there were Dafa pictures in the machine. I'm not a repairman myself.

Then I thought, could a Dafa disciple be blocked by this kind of thing? Since I didn't know anything about the structure of a mode compressor, why not take it apart and have a look? So, I did--little by little I slowly scraped off the plastic wrap, and then put the machine back together. It was easy to take it apart, but much harder to put it back together. In my mind I begged Teacher for the wisdom I needed to get the job done. Trying it a few times, I finally got the job done, and tested the machine over and over again. Without realizing it, it took me all night to make sure the machine was working properly. I also elevated the level of my xinxing, turning a bad thing into a good thing.

In the process of managing the material site, I keep to my own schedule. Although there were practitioners to support me, I wouldn't depend on them, as I have to walk my own path with righteous thoughts. In so doing I have endured many tribulations, but what I gained seemed to be substantial--gaining good knowledge, strengthening my abilities and establishing my independence. I know the knowledge and wisdom I have gained are all things that Teacher bestowed. When coming across difficulty, hardship, and tribulations, I thought of Hong Yin (Volume II)

Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions
A Great Enlightened One fears no hardship
Having forged an adamantine will
Free of attachment to living or dying
He walks the path of Fa-rectification
confident and poised

3. Eliminating Fear, Righteously Validating Dafa

Once at a sensitive period of time, a fellow practitioner told me to pack up and leave for a few days. It was pretty frightening at first, and I even hid my printer. Later, I understood, "Wasn't I asking for it? What I do is the most upright, how could I be afraid of the evil? How could this equipment, including paper and tools that are my magical instruments used to save people, be dangerous items that harm Dafa disciples? If I am afraid at home, how could I go out to save people?" Some practitioners are afraid to talk loudly at home and tip toe to the door when someone knocks. Aren't we scaring ourselves in those cases? Dafa disciples should be upright. We do whatever we should, and the evil dares not get near us.

When shopping at an electronics store, a practitioner kindly said to me, "There are monitors all over the shopping mall. An aged person like you purchasing something will catch someone's attention. Please be careful!" At first, I was quite nervous. After sending forth righteous thoughts at home before leaving, I used to recite silently the formula for sending forth righteous thoughts all the way. When I finished shopping, I was soaked with sweat. In fact, what caused it was my attachment of fear. Thinking about it now, what was there to be afraid of? They make money when you buy things, so the more the better!

After a while, I found out that I didn't look out of place in the store, where tons of people come and go. Who would pay attention? Of course, there were monitors watching out for bad people. Dafa disciples are good and upright, so how could they monitor us?

4. Getting along well with family is part of validating the Fa

In order to make sure the materials site will do well without interference, aside from strengthening righteous thoughts, I must be a good wife, a good mother, and also a good neighbour. Especially in daily life I must perform well and conform to the rules of everyday people, such as grocery shopping, cooking, and domestic cleaning to make sure that everything is in proper order.

After getting the materials done each day, I clean up everything at home, leaving no paper on any desk or table, not hiding them but stacking them neatly. The printer is placed on a small table covered with a beautiful piece of cloth, simple and normal. At ordinary times, when relatives or close friends came to visit us once in a while, I'd receive them with a warm heart, clarifying the truth and advising them to leave the CCP. I am friendly and respectful to my neighbours, as well.

I have often been thinking, "What are righteous thoughts? Righteous thoughts are not necessarily the ones with which to solve a big event taking place. Righteous thoughts are in your heart, protecting Dafa and sentient beings without any hindrance. Among everyday people and in your family, your every thought, every word, every move as well as your attitude and your expression are all so upright, compassionate, and peaceful, reflecting Dafa disciple's nobleness and elegance. If you could really reach this level, it would really be like what Teacher said,

"The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." (Lecture Three, Energy Field, Zhuan Falun)

On my cultivation path over these years, I have gone through many twists and turns. I have only written down the parts of my Fa-ratification and truth clarification. I am hoping that in the process, I may be able to find some shortcomings of mine.

I want to thank those practitioners who taught me technically as well as those who helped and supported me in every respect. May we work together hand in hand in completing our prehistoric vows for rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings.

* * *

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