"Master, I Finally Found You"

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I am currently 51 years old. One afternoon when I was 13, while resting in bed, I saw in my mind a child wearing old fashion clothing coming to play with me. The child came three times. The last time before leaving, he told me, "I can't come again in the future. Remember you should find Dafa and cultivate in Dafa. Then you can go back to the future. You must remember this."

When I was 18, I asked where could I find Dafa. But no one knew the answer. One time, my soul saw a very big river. There were three certificates laying on the bank, including a Chinese Communist Party member certificate, Chinese Communist cadre certificate, and a worker certificate. It appeared I was to pick one. I chose the worker certificate. Now, I wonder if I was choosing my future job.

When I was 34, I felt I could wait no longer. I inquired about Dafa everywhere. I went to temples looking for Dafa. But I didn't find the Dafa I wanted in temples. Some people suggested I should take an oath like a monk. My mind was not at ease, although I took the oaths and read the Buddha scriptures. Also, I couldn't understand the scriptures in the temples. When I burned incense, a voice told me that my Master was a male, that the scripture I would read would be in the language of the people, and how much the book would cost. (This was very consistent to what I know now.)

One day, a friend showed me a Dafa book - Lectures in the United States. When I saw the book, a Law Wheel appeared on the book cover and was spinning counter-clockwise. (When the Law Wheel rotates inward, it is for saving oneself, and when it rotates outward, it saves others.) At that time, I thought Teacher would not accept me and so the Law Wheel was rotating counter-clockwise. I didn't read the book but returned it to my friend. Nonetheless, I went with my wife to the practice site to watch them practice every evening. I felt that Dafa was a true teaching, but I just couldn't let go of my ordinary thinking.

On January 29, 1998, I borrowed a set of Dafa books from a friend. I first read Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa, and I couldn't hold back my tears. I was surprised and happy. I called from my heart, "Master, I finally found you." It was like a child seeing his parents for for the first time after many years. With happiness and tears, I read the book without feeling tired until two or three o'clock in the morning. Dafa clarified many things for me, and brought me answers I had been looking for for many years. I suddenly understood everything, and was very excited. I often saw pictures on walls from the past, from another time-space.

Since then, I have studied the Fa and practised every day. Less than a month after starting the practice, my heart disease, stomach aches and the skin disease on my left hand were all suddenly cleansed by Master. After that, my left hand felt cool. My tears flowed like a water fountain, and I can't find appropriate words to thank Master. I don't know what Teacher removed from me but it was like lifting a cloth off of me. I think it may have been demons.

After studying for three to four months, I could see Master's image with blue curly hair, a golden Fashen. As I had forgotten to Heshi before talking, He looked at me and left.

I have been more determined than ever to cultivate in Dafa since then.

* * *

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