Germany: Exposing the Persecution of Falun Gong at Essen Christmas Market

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Essen Christmas market is considered one of the most beautiful markets in the Ruhr area. People from surrounding cities visit Essen, especially when the Christmas market is open.

Regional Falun Gong practitioners took the opportunity during the pre-Christmas season, when the market is crowded with people, to organise an information booth and a rally to expose the persecution of Falun Gong in China for three consecutive Saturday's. Because of the Christmas market, more than several thousand people viewed the banners that spoke of the inhuman persecution, displayed at the booth.

At the information booth, many market patrons could view banners, take information material and especially have a face to face discussion with practitioners about the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the persecution Falun Gong is suffering in China.

One passerby was terribly shocked when viewing the torture photos. She was so horrified that she stood in front of one practitioner and asked with tears in her eyes about the reasons for this persecution. She couldn't believe that such barbarity could be perpetrated in the 20th century. She was told that this is because of crimes committed by the CCP followers against peaceful people. These practitioners are imprisoned, tortured, murdered and even their organs are stolen from their body while still alive, only because of their faith and wanting to live by the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance."

Many young people also stopped by at the information booth. These youngsters have viewed many videos and have seen in these videos many acts of violence. They had a hard time to deal with the truth. It was difficult for them to understand that such torture happens in real live and was a daily reality in China and not just imaginary like in the videos. They did not hesitate to sign the petitions that called for an end to the persecution, once they heard the reasons for the persecution.

Some of the youngsters first poked fun at the gruesome torture photos. They signed the petitions after learning about the persecution and understood the seriousness of the atrocities perpetrated in China.
As of today, 3,200 murders of Falun Gong practitioners could be officially verified. They were killed during the nine year long persecution in China. The estimated number of unreported cases is much higher. The youngsters promised to tell their friends and acquaintances about what they had heard.

Two women, involved in the Tibetan initiative stopped by and signed the petition without hesitation. The understood quite well the evil nature of the CCP and the violation of human rights in Tibet, given their involvement in the Tibetan affairs. They told practitioners that they also wished for an end to the persecution.

A young Chinese lady stood in front of the information booth, holding a Falun Gong flyer in the Chinese language, in her hand, and kept looking at the book Zhuan Falun, the main book that is studied by Falun Gong practitioners. She spoke haltingly German and told us that it was not possible to get this book in China. But she wanted to definitely read this book. One practitioner presented the book to her. This Chinese lady left the area smiling happily and holding the flyer and Zhuan Falun in her hand.

Some passerby confused the Falun Gong symbol that is made up of 5 Swastika and 4 Taiji symbols, with the German Swastika. They listened carefully when the practitioners explained that people from many cultures regarded the Swastika as a good luck charm for thousands of years. They were told that especially in Asia, the Swastika symbol is known as a Buddhist symbol.

The crowds that remained in the evening and the beautiful illumination of the city after the night set in gave the practitioners the opportunity to continue their truth clarification efforts about the persecution of Falun Gong in China until late into the night.

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