Cultivating Falun Dafa: The Most Splendid Time in My Life

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I began to practice Falun Gong in February 1999 when I was 27 years old. Recalling the path I walked over the past nine years, I see that the Fa has stayed in my heart and I have been under Teacher's compassionate care at all times. Although I experienced tribulations which are beyond the imagination of everyday people and have suffered things that most people my age have never experienced, I felt the beauty and sacredness of melting into the Fa, something only a practitioner, a particle of the Fa, can feel. I experienced the manifestation of the profoundness and the wonder of Dafa in my daily life and work.
Before learning to practice Falun Gong, my husband and I spent a lot of money traveling all over China searching for the Fa. After many years we eventually found Dafa. We felt like we had boarded the last train home. That first evening, I saw countless small Falun rotating on my body and I also saw big Falun spin on my husband.

Righteous Belief
When I first learned Falun Dafa, I cleaned out all the books I had that were filled with filth. It was a very strange night. All of a sudden, we had a black-out, but none of my neighbors were affected. After checking the electric circuit we found that everything was OK. I realized that Teacher was cleaning my home, and I felt very happy. On the following morning, the electricity returned. However, I kept one book which I thought was very good. Two days later while I was watching Teacher's lectures in Jinan, I thought of that book. When I opened the drawer to look for that book, I heard knocking on our door, which gave me a start. However, when I opened the door there was no one there. I thought for a while and rewound the video tape. I saw it was Teacher who knocked on the table during his lecture. Instantly I realized that I should not keep that book. That was an issue of not undertaking two schools of practice at the same time. As practitioners, we must practice only one cultivation way and it is a very serious matter. Teacher gave me the hint. That day I did not follow the instruction that we should read Zhuan Falun or watch the Nine Lectures in order. Instead I randomly picked up one tape. To my surprise, Teacher saw my thought and cleverly made the arrangement to give me the hint. Ever since then I have never wavered on the issue of practicing only one cultivation way.

Understand the Fa Principles to Eliminate the Evil
During the 2004 Chinese New Year I received a letter from my father. One paragraph said, "You have experienced tribulations that ordinary people would find hard to bear, yet you remain kind, persistent and optimistic about life." I shed tears when I read the paragraph.
Father loved me so much when I was a child and we lived a fairly good life. He had never interfered with my studies, career or marriage. In everyday people's eyes I had a very smooth and happy life. When the persecution started in July 1999, my father pressured me to give up my belief because he was afraid that I might be persecuted by the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As an intellectual, he coupled the threats with promises. One day when I went to visit him he had a chat with me. When he found the chat failed to achieve what he had planned, he even cut me out of a family photo with scissors. He shouted, "She is a God, not a human being!" My mother was scared and asked him, "Who asked you to do this?" He replied pointing to the sky, "It was the demon who asked me to do this!" I found it was funny but felt very sad as well. Since my father could not let go of his emotion, he would let a demon control him. Recalling that period of time, I found that I always clarified the truth to my father with human emotions and methods. That was because I had a limited understanding of the Fa. The evil factors controlled him, preventing him from learning the truth, so he would be very angry with me and refuse to talk to me.

The Buddha Fa is an insight into all mysteries of the universe.
"'The Buddha Fa' is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science. In order to explore this domain, humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking." (Lunyu from Zhuan Falun)
I often recited "Lunyu" and my own concepts were stripped away layer by layer.
On January 1, 2001, I was tortured. As a result I had fractured bones on my hips and legs and was illegally kept in a prison hospital. Evildoers came to interrogate me every day. One day, two policemen from the National Security Bureau came with a lot of questions. I answered some of the questions and I began to have a stomachache. I thought something was wrong. How could I be in such a state? I recited the recent article "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance,"
"They are now completely without human nature and without righteous thoughts. Such evil's persecution of the Fa can thus no longer be tolerated."
After I understood this Fa, I was able to put my mind at rest. In the afternoon they came again. I asked for the notes they took in the morning and tore them into pieces. The two evildoers were furious and sprang on me and pinched my hands. I saw that guardian gods of the Fa were all watching on top of the house. I thought to myself I must walk my path righteously. The doctors who had the impression of me as a gentle and quiet girl were very much surprised at my action and asked what had happened to me. The two policemen were humiliated and left, muttering some threats. People in the same ward as me were scared that I would be sentenced to a lengthy imprisonment. I smiled at them and said the policemen would not come back because they felt they lost face.
About two weeks later, my father carried me home. At the time he was very scared and worried that I might be imprisoned again so he tried to persuade me to give up my belief. He even cooperated with the police to ask me to "confess." However, he failed to reach his goal. One day my father asked me to write a guarantee statement but I refused. He poured cold water on me and wanted to beat me. At the time I wanted to use Falun to stop his evil acts, but he is my father after all. Would my act harm him? I thought of Teacher's Fa,
"Yet removing the evil beings that manipulate people into damaging humankind is also protecting humankind and sentient beings. " ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)
I knew my gong (cultivation energy) was targeting the evil factors in other dimensions, so I sent Falun out to stop the evil being. My father's attitude changed and he calmed down as soon as I sent out the thought. He said, "I am afraid of you now. Let me learn Falun Gong with you." Once my father was not being controlled, there was hope for him being saved. Teacher said,
"Eliminating evil is thus doing Fa-rectification, and is also saving the world's people and sentient beings." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)
After that, I had a better understanding of the issue that eliminating evil is targeting the evil beings in other dimensions.
Father often played very sad melodies on his Erhu (a two-stringed Chinese fiddle) and nagged, "You have a broken family and you are handicapped. Who will support you for the rest of your life?" At that time the evildoers were madly persecuting me physically, mentally and financially. They ransacked my home, illegally sent my husband to a forced labor camp, and I, myself, lost the ability to work because of the injuries to my hips and legs. My father and other family members who were indirectly persecuted all felt very sad for me. However, we are beings walking the road to godhood, so I had never worried about my health. Guided by the Fa and being cared for by Teacher, I did not feel miserable in my heart; rather, I felt those people who did not know the meaning of life were the ones who were truly miserable. I would shed tears when I saw my father, who was deceived by the lies, accuse us. I sincerely hoped those worldly people who were poisoned by the CCP would be able to learn the truth.
I did the three things (study the Fa [the teachings of Falun Dafa], send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and about the persecution to the world's people)as usual and increased the time I spent sending forth righteous thoughts. It didn't matter how badly my father treated me. When I clarified the truth to him, he would bitterly attack me if I talked about something that was not in line with his thinking. I just kept looking inward and let go of my mentality of complacency, showing off and accomplishing a task. Though I was kept at home, I did not slack off a bit in my xinxing (character) cultivation.
"When one is attached to nothing
The path underfoot is naturally smooth" ("Unimpeded" from Hong Yin II)
Dafa Shows Its Wonder and My Health Returns Very Quickly
In 2002, the authorities used all sorts of tricks to persecute me and my husband. My father did not believe in the lies of the CCP any more. He angrily denounced the evildoers and used the knowledge of the law he had taught himself to protect me. He often went to the National Security Department or 610 Office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) to request the return of the items that had been illegally taken from me. He did not oppose my mother practicing Falun Gong either.
Thanks to practicing Dafa, my damaged body returned to health. If I did not tell people, no one would have believed that I had been crippled by torture. In the years after 2003, I moved from city to city and changed jobs several times to avoid being arrested. My parents, who were worried about my health, came to the city where I was working to see me. When they learned that I took part in the tour on foot organized by my company and saw me walk many kilometres carrying dozens of kilograms of things on my back, they really felt relieved. They often said to other people with pride, "My daughter is one of great ability." The result was something beyond their wild imagination.
Witnessing the power Dafa manifest through me caused by my father's notions to gradually disappear. I used to shed tears for him because he did not know the truth. Now I shed tears for him because I'm so happy he has learned the truth. All this proves that the family members of a practitioner are blessed.

Everything Happening in Our Cultivation Is a Good Thing
"Dafa disciples speak the truth The Fa-power of righteous thought strikes demon caves" ("Surround and Exterminate" from Hong Yin II)
In 2004, my husband was released from a forced labour camp. He was a soldier and his army unit demanded that he stay in a dormitory with them because they were afraid that he might go out to clarify the truth again. He was also not allowed to visit his family. Upon learning the news, I calmed myself down, studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts until I cleaned out all the substances of fear. Then I went to my husband's unit with one purpose: to take him back home nobly and righteously.
I went straight to his unit. When the political commissar and detachment leader saw me they invited me to lunch as a form of welcome. After the lunch the courtyard was filled with nearly 20 people from the city 610 Office and the Security Division of the army unit. They took me to the 610 Office for questioning. I sent forth righteous thoughts and kept myself calm so I wasn't scared. I had clarified the truth to them a few years before but they still wanted to do bad things. I had pity on them so I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the interference in other dimensions. I said to them, "I just want to go back home and live with my husband. Who would want to wander about in other parts of the country?" They agreed. One of the leaders even advised me to go to the National Security Bureau to ask for the money back that had been illegally taken from us.
As soon as I had been led away, the deputy political commissar said to my husband, "You must be prepared that she will not be coming back." However, I returned to my husband's unit very quickly. These people were really shocked. Then they thought of another trick. They let us stay in the guest house of the unit and we were served three meals a day there. Apparently, they were trying to keep us under house arrest. I used the opportunity of staying in the army barracks to clarify the truth to whomever I met and sent forth righteous thoughts in close range. One regiment officer said, "You have really spoken the truth." The head of the Security Division said, "You are more powerful than an atom bomb!" I discovered later that my phone had been tapped by the 610 Office and I was being followed as well. Teacher had given me hints about all these things. Every day I used all sorts of methods to clarify the truth in the army barracks. When the evildoers found that they had no loopholes to take advantage of, they dropped the case, so we went back home in two weeks time.
I realized that in saving sentient beings there will be an environment on the surface level. Teacher cleverly used the so-called test arranged by the old forces to give me an opportunity to clarify the truth. Since the sentient beings wanted to listen to the truth and be saved, no one dared stop it. Teacher taught us all the Fa principles. If we are in the Fa at all times, we are able to do anything and even bad things will become good things.

Negate the Financial Persecution by the Old Forces
In September 2004, my husband was demobilized. According to normal procedure, he should receive a demobilization fee before leaving the army. However, the leaders of his army unit wanted to put pressure on us by withholding his demobilization fee.
One day my husband's unit phoned him and told him to board a train the next day. They also sent in three officers to escort him back home and said that they would hand over the demobilization fee when my husband went through all the facilities upon arriving home. I sent righteous thoughts with my husband to eliminate the rotten ghosts and dark minions.
On the following day, my husband went out and three officers from the unit came and knocked on our door. Everything has intelligence and our security door would not open for them. No matter what the evildoers tried to do, they simply could not open the door. I used the intercom to clarify the truth and expose their crimes of persecution. A lot of people were listening. The evildoers eventually broke in but the train they attempted to force us on had already left. On the following day, the political commissar called an emergency meeting and arranged a cashier to transfer the money into our bank account. When my husband returned home a lot of people helped us to go through all the formalities.
As practitioners we take money lightly and we would not pursue wealth but instead let nature take its course. However, in saving sentient beings during the Fa-rectification period, we must not let the old forces persecute us financially. Letting the evildoers control our own money is a serious matter. If we were persecuted by the evildoers financially, yet we still talked about letting nature take its course, that means we would have identified with the old forces and would not do a better job in saving sentient beings.

Using My Work to Save More Sentient Beings
The city I am living in is densely populated and has a lot of investors and labourers from other parts of the country. When we had enough money saved, we would stop working for a time and focus on truth clarification. Sometimes, one of us would go to work and the other would stay home to process truth-clarification materials.
One day when a client passed by the company I was working for, he saw me and came in. I was on duty that day so after helping him register his business I began to clarify the truth to him. He had a very good comprehension and could understand what I said very easily. He even went so far as to invite my husband and I to come work for his company after learning the truth. My husband went to his company and found it was a lot easier for him to do the three things there. His colleagues and boss all spoke very highly of him. He felt that the path in the Fa was getting wider. Work is only a form on the surface. Teacher had put these people in front of me so I could save these sentient beings.
In 2005 when I was about to look for a new job, I thought to myself that since everyone came here to obtain the Fa, I needed to make use of my work to create more opportunities to save sentient beings. Ideally the work unit would be close to my home, allow weekends off and offer a good salary. After sending out my resume, my first interview was at a planning and designing company which I liked very much. However, I only had experience in accounting and sales, and had not touched planning and designing. After two interviews the boss asked me if I had any requirements. I said I wanted to have both days on the weekend off. The company required its employees to work on Saturdays so the boss asked me the reason. I thought to myself that I would attend group Fa study on Sundays, which I could not miss, and on Saturdays I would process the truth-clarification materials, which I could not delay. Therefore, I told the boss I need to do something important and something I'd like to do on Sundays and needed to take care of the housework on Saturdays. I also told him that having a good rest during the weekends would enable me to work better during the weekdays. The boss was very happy and asked me to come to work as soon as possible.
I learned later that my boss had intended to employ someone with fine comprehensive skills and of a good character to give guidance to the computer designers and help the clients accept our designs. My work had me examine the proposed designs first. The wisdom and Fa principles given by the Fa helped me to have a righteous taste and aesthetic standards. I would use these as the basis to pave the way for clarifying the truth to everyone and persuading everyone to do the three withdrawals, namely to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. I often educated the designers with righteous aesthetic standards and clearly told them that designs of demonic nature were bad for people. In my work I need to contact the bosses of other companies very often. Every time I went out I would take with me truth-clarification VCDs. The companies and bosses who had received the VCDs all treated me well. They would often dispatch a car to send me back to my company.
One day, everyone was chatting together during a break. I thought it was a good time for me to clarify the truth to them. I sent forth righteous thoughts first, but in less than three minutes, one of my colleagues said he had received Falun Gong truth-clarification materials in his mailbox and another colleague said he had also received them. He was asking if it was true what was said in the material. Then one colleague said it was true, "The husband of my good friend is a very good man. He continued to practice Falun Gong after he was released from the forced labour camp." They all spoke very well.
The most splendid time in my life has been this period of walking the path of cultivation and the path toward godhood. Looking back, I can only sigh with emotion. When I understood the Fa principles and looked inward, I was able to pass any test. I can see clearly now if I did not have any attachments, there would have been no tests or tribulations. For those things that did happen I would use righteous thoughts to deal with them and turn them into an environment for saving sentient beings.

* * *

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