A New Life

From the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China
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This is the first time that I have written about my ten years of cultivation experience. I do so now for the purpose of reporting to our great Teacher and sharing with fellow practitioners.

I. Personal Cultivation
1) Learning Falun Dafa
In August 1997 I was fortunate to begin practicing Falun Gong. The excitement and joyfulness when I obtained the Fa was beyond any description. In 1996 my husband passed away, leaving me with my son who was only 12 years old. Soon afterward my son had to have an operation. At that time, I suffered tremendously both physically and mentally and I didn't want to carry on with my life. Then a relative introduced Falun Gong to me. She brought me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun and mentioned that this book could not only open up my heart, but also could improve my physical condition. The following day I went with my relatives to a practice site and as soon as I walked into that practice site I felt very comfortable. At the practice site I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun, and when I opened it, I found it was a cultivation book, a heavenly book. My excitement was beyond description.
One day my relative asked me to go with her to attend a Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Conference held by our local practitioners. Because I had just recently started practicing, my enlightenment quality was poor and my human attachments were very strong. Given the fact that my son's inflammation was not healing, I wanted to take my son to see the doctor on that day. She told me that it was most fortunate that I had this opportunity so soon after I had started practicing. She told me this opportunity was hard to come by and I should go to the conference. She said that she could get my cousin to take my son to the doctor. She asked me to calm down and she said that everything would be fine. So I went with her to the Fa conference and as soon as I was there, I forgot all about what happened at home. After I returned home my son said, "Mum, I spilt my medication." I immediately became so anxious and asked, "Why weren't you careful?!? Come here and show me your wound." When I looked at the wound, it was two thirds smaller than the day before. I called his cousin over to take a look and he said it was truly miraculous. When he last changed the dressing on the wound, the cut had looked so big, but it had become much smaller. Suddenly I understood that our Teacher is a living Buddha. Therefore I firmed up my faith in cultivating Dafa and following the Teacher to return home.

2) Being Determined in Eliminating Karma
In October 1997 big yellow blisters began appearing on my arms and legs. As soon as I broke a blister, the flesh underneath it appeared. But when I did my laundry and my hands were soaked in water with detergent, I felt no pain at all. It did not affect me doing anything. My left knee developed three big blisters and both of my legs legs became so swollen that I couldn't walk properly. My colleagues all tried to convince me to go see a doctor, warning that it would be dangerous not to. I knew in my heart that it was Teacher who was cleaning up my body. Teacher said,
"When our humankind evolves to this extent today, almost everyone is born with karma built upon karma, and everyone's body has quite a lot of karma." (Zhuan Falun)
Later the swelling subsided, but the yellow blisters lasted for about six months. My entire body then became very itchy which made me suffer a lot.
"In cultivation practice one needs to eliminate karma, and that is painful. How can one increase gong comfortably? How can one otherwise remove one's attachments?" (Zhuan Falun)
With a single thought in mind of believing in Teacher and the Fa, in about three months all my illness symptoms disappeared, my whole body felt light and I felt extremely energetic.

3) Granted a New Life
One day in June 1998, after I finished watching Teacher's Fa lecture video, I went to drop off my child at school. At an intersection about 150 meters away from my home a motorcycle began rushing towards me. Suddenly I could not control my body, as if I was frozen, however, I was conscious and I could hear people talking around me, "I saw a motorcycle knock her down to the ground and then landed on her. She must be severely injured." I said to myself, "I am a practitioner, I should be okay. You can leave now." When I was thinking about that, I heard bystanders say, "She was wounded so badly and the motorcycle driver didn't take her to the hospital but instead ran away. People nowadays lack moral standards and they have no conscience. Write down his plate number." I was thinking that I wanted to get up and with this one thought, my whole body became relaxed and I became more aware. I said to those bystanders that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and I was okay. I couldn't really speak out. I only waved my hands and began walking unsteadily, pushing my bicycle home. As soon as I arrived home, I couldn't help kneeling down in front of Teacher's portrait and crying non-stop. I was truly grateful to Teacher, as it was Teacher who saved my life and granted me a new life. Teacher said,
"We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Zhuan Falun)
If I had any bad thoughts at that time, I would not have been able to get up from the ground.

II. Fa-Rectification Cultivation

1) Going to Beijing to Validate the Fa
On July 20, 1999 evil began its unprecedented persecution of Dafa and practitioners. It was as if heaven fell. As a practitioner, I could no longer remain silent. In order to safeguard the sacredness of the Buddha Fa, the dignity of cultivation and justice in the human world, I went with fellow practitioners to Beijing to validate the Fa.
On the appeal form of the National State Bureau Appealing Office, I put down three requests:
1. Remove our Teacher from the "Wanted List" and reinstate the reputation of our Teacher
2. Release all practitioners who are being illegally detained
3. Legally publish Teacher's Dafa works and reinstate our cultivation environment.
Later our company took us back home and then illegally took us to the detention centre for persecution. We were all released after holding a hunger strike for eight days.
On December 30, 2000 I again went with other practitioners to Beijing to validate the Fa. Tiananmen Square was heavily guarded. There were plainclothes police, uniformed police officers and soldiers everywhere questioning everyone who went there. It was extremely hard to enter into the Square. After I walked only a few steps close to the Square, a soldier stopped me and started interrogating me. With Teacher's protection, a fellow practitioner and I dodged the police officers and came to Jishuiqiao. We lined up in the shape of the Chinese character for "eight," then held up a banner and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" Less than a meter away, a plainclothes police officer rushed towards us and then took our banner away. He gagged me and then dragged us to the police vehicle. After they took us to the police station in the Square, the other practitioners who had come from all over the country to validate the Fa were all shouting, "Falun Dafa is great!" "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great!" "Reinstate our Teacher's reputation!" This truly shocked heaven and earth. I said to myself, "Since I have stepped out to validate the Fa, I will leave everything up to Teacher. Even if I sacrificed my life to safeguard the Fa, I would have no regret." On the afternoon of January 2, with Teacher's protection, I returned home safe and sound.

2) Setting Up a Fa-Study Group
Because of the evil persecution, we were unable to use our cultivation site. In 2003, when my apartment building was torn down, I was moved to a new apartment building. When I was looking for fellow practitioners, I ran into a practitioner whom I knew. In our discussion, he talked about setting up a Fa-study group. At that time, it didn't even dawn on me to set up a Fa-study group in our home. Under such evil persecution, we hardly had any place for practitioners to share with each other. With continuous Fa-study I enlightened that we should harmonize with Dafa and form a solid and overall body as soon as possible. Group Fa-study is way that Teacher has arranged for us and it's also an indispensable environment for practitioners elevating as one body and improving xinxing (character)Therefore I invited fellow practitioners to my home to study the Fa.
During our group Fa-study, every practitioner improved by varying degrees and some also set up Fa-study groups in their homes. They went from missing words in their reading to reading smoothly in their Fa-study. In their sharing, they could all find their shortcomings, and even practitioners who started practicing in 2004 didn't lag behind. Fellow practitioners cooperated well with each other in doing the three things (study the Fa [the teachings of Falun Dafa], send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and about the persecution to the world's people) to harmonize the one body.

3) Clarifying the Truth to Save People
In Fa-rectification period cultivation, as an element in Dafa, I've been following Teacher's requirement to do the three things well. With Teacher's protection, I have been making it through. Even though I didn't have any outstanding cases, I have been walking solidly on the path of cultivation.
In terms of clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and its persecution to save sentient beings, I haven't done well enough. In terms of helping relatives and friends with the "three withdrawals," I did fairly well. When in front of strangers, I didn't do well enough, as I was hindered by my human attachments. In my future Fa-study, I will try to eliminate those human attachments and follow Teacher's Fa-rectification process closely. Teacher and Dafa helped me all along the way and helped me mature during trials and tribulations. I came to deeply enlighten to Teacher's immense compassion. I will be more diligent.

4) Setting Up a Truth-Clarification Materials Center
The process of setting up a truth-clarification materials production centre was a process of eliminating my own ego and also a process of walking towards godhood.
I've been passing along truth-clarifying materials, and whenever I have leftovers, I try to distribute them. I do this out of the concern that leaving the leftover materials in my home isn't safe. With more and more practitioners stepping out, the demand for truth-clarification materials increased as well. Fellow practitioners who looked after truth-clarification materials were under great pressure. Then I thought, "Could I share some of their burden?" This would be a demonstration of my true nature being harmonizing with the Fa, but my human notions were trying to prevent me from doing it by saying, "When equipment like computers and other things for making truth-clarification materials are found, it is proof that allows the evil to persecute practitioners." I also believed that if my son came home and saw it, he would not agree with me taking it on either. Not to mention, I knew nothing about computers and I wasn't sure I could do a good job. My fear and other human attachments popped up. When those thoughts came up, I asked myself if I was going to just wait and rely on others. We were all practitioners, so why did I always ask others to contribute and not contribute myself? How could I be so selfish? Did I deserve to be called a "Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple?" When thinking about that, I was filled with regret and I knew I must be able to do it and do it well.
At the very beginning I had many concerns and fears. When I heard people knocking at my door, my heart pounded. The DVDs I made didn't come out right. They had bad spots, and the TV didn't work properly either. The evil elements were taking advantage of my fear by meddling with me. I decided to buy a DVD writer to make large quantities of truth-clarification DVDs. With more Fa-study, the Fa theories became more and more clear to me and gradually I stopped worrying about being persecuted for making truth-clarification materials. Then the images on the DVDs then became very clear. When I saw that the DVDs I made were delivered to many households by practitioners, I had mixed feelings. I felt that without Teacher's care, there was no way we could make such delicate DVDs.
The Fa-rectification has come to this stage, and with Teacher's great compassion and care I have passed many trials and tribulations. In every trial and tribulation, I have come to deeply understand "Buddha's infinite grace." Today, Dafa practitioners have cultivated to be more and more mature. In the time we have left to save sentient beings, on the remaining path, we will walk well, righteously, steadily, and fulfill our pledges made eons ago. Fellow practitioners, let's be diligent!

* * *

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