Only When We Truly Cultivate Can We Know How to Cultivate

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The measurement of whether a person is truly cultivating occurs when he cultivates and searches within when he gets into trouble. True cultivation is searching within rather than pursuing and outwardly seeking answers. If a person cannot manage to fundamentally change himself or get rid of all human attachments during cultivation, no matter how much Fa he studies or how much Fa-validation work he does, he does not count as a real cultivator in the end.

The premise of knowing how to cultivate is being a true cultivator. If a person does not want to fundamentally change himself at all and always pursues and searches for answers externally, he is not cultivating, let alone to say whether or not he knows how to cultivate.

So "knowing how to cultivate" means we can pinpoint our human attachment at the time of the incident. We all have had similar experiences: sometimes we find a lot of attachments but the real one for us to get rid of in this incident is overlooked. Then we stagnate in the tribulation for a long time and our xinxing does not improve. How can we find the correct attachment and get rid of it? When we cannot find our attachment but all of sudden get a hint when studying the Fa with a calm mind, the attachment being hinted is the one; when we are keen to point out and fix others' attachments or argue with others, the thing that stirred our heart is our attachment; when we see two people arguing, the obvious attachment they exhibit is a reminder of our attachment; when a practitioner points out an attachment of ours and we feel uncomfortable, annoyed, or even feel a need to explain, then that is our attachment. That antagonistic feeling is from our human heart and notions. They cannot stand it, so they reflect it to your brain. But they are not you. We should grab it and get rid of it instantly.

Above is just my understanding. The significance of searching within in the Fa is far deeper than this. I hope more Dafa disciples advance diligently in the Fa!

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