A Letter to Xu Na, a Falun Gong Practitioner in a Chinese Prison, from Your Belgian Friend

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A Letter to Xu Na, a Falun Gong Practitioner in a Chinese Prison, from Your Belgian Friend

At the end of 2008, Ms Marianne Lefebvre from Belgium wrote a letter to Xu Na, her friend imprisoned in Beijing.

Xu Na, an artist, is wife of Yu Zou, a musician who was killed by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities before the Beijing Olympic Games. Xu Na was illegally sentenced to three years on November 25, 2008. She was sentenced before her solicitor arrived – the court only ran for a few minutes before the judge directly pronounced judgement without reading the verdict. Xu Na has already appealed to Beijing Intermediate People's Court and will hear from it in February. It is learned that that the court is likely to pronounce the judgement directly without opening the court, just as they have done to other Falun Gong practitioners.

Marianne hopes to help Xu Na by writing letters and firmly believes that there are many people in China and other countries who will offer their assistance to Xu Na and other people who have been wrongly imprisoned in China. The following is the letter written by Marianne:

Dear Na,

This is the first time for me to write to you since I have, at last, obtained the address of the prison where you are staying. I am Marianne, mother of Malcolm, Acha, Mimosa and Elisabeth. Elisabeth in Chinese was translated by Yu Zou [before he was killed]. Now Malcolm is nearly 30 years old and he has two children. Acha is also about 28 years old. She is a theatre actress. The last time she went to China was during July 2001 when you were still in prison, and she saw Yu Zou. In 2001, Francis left our family and lived with a lady in France. Mimosa will be 20 years old and is very tall. She is now learning Chinese in France. Elisabeth is 18 years old and has started to learn medicine at university, that is difficult for her. One of my friends has helped translated the letter of mine into Chinese, as you know, my English is not good enough.

I miss you very much. I have cried many times for the death of Yu Zou, my friend. I also clearly remember the time when we were looking for Elisabeth’s birth mother by together travelling across China. During 1994 and 1998, we went to China again staying with you, that was over 10 years ago. Now I am very sad. I know that it is very cold in Beijing but I am also sure about your courage and strength.

Na, I will do what I can to help you out of prison. I want to have you in my arms just as if you were my youngest sister. My children often think of you and talk about you and Yu Zou. We often recall the days when we were together laughing, playing music and painting. I am trying to read more Chinese books which have been translated into French so that I can continuously believe Chinese people, those whom I met in your country, and they are peaceful and friendly.

It is nearly a year since you were imprisoned. Now you have been sentenced but don’t be in despair, Na, there are many people in China who are supporting you. I hope that you will receive this letter and read it, because I am a friend of China. All that I want to say is: We love you. I know that you are not allowed to write me back, but I hope that my letter will bring a ray of light to your life.

Holding you closely in my arms,

Marianne Lefebvre

December 2008, Belgium

* * *

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