Walking the Cultivation Path Arranged by Teacher

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I am an elderly Dafa practitioner. We practitioners are extraordinary people, not everyday people. We study the principle of the universe and cultivate according to the highest Fa of the universe. Only when we study the Fa well, can we walk well the path arranged by Teacher.

Teacher has emphasized the importance of studying the Fa at various conferences. As a Dafa disciple, especially a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I believe one should memorize the Fa and use it to rectify one's every single thought, because the Fa can strengthen an individual's righteous thoughts. So I was determined to memorize the book Zhuan Falun. The process of memorizing Zhuan Falun is a process of cultivating and a process of breaking through the limitations of my human notions, such as bad memory, etc. When I finally memorized the book after eight months of study, I was so grateful to Teacher from the bottom of my heart for letting me experience the joy of studying and memorizing the Fa. I always believed that I was not good at studying and not smart enough. I have only an elementary school education. A family member who doesn't practice Falun Gong did not believe I could memorize the entire book. During the process of memorizing the book, I thought about giving up, too, but I quickly strengthened my righteous thoughts. Every time I memorized one paragraph, I became more confident. I truly experienced the power of the Fa. I never liked studying at school because my head would hurt whenever I studied something. I was always afraid of reading. My eyes hurt when I read a book. But now, everyone in my family says, "She can't read anything else, but she can read Dafa books with no problem." My eyes don't hurt and I don't even need to wear glasses.

My family members also think it was unbelievable that I memorized the book. They thought it was amazing that I could memorize it at my age. I am now on the fourth round of memorizing the book. I will continue to do it until I can remember everything. At the same time, I memorize one poem from Hong Yin every day. For the long ones, I use two days, no hurry, just let nature take its course. When I had memorized the entire Hong Yin, I didn't put it away. I decided I would still recite one poem each day following the index. When a cultivator has understood the Fa inside and out, I believe it is natural to remember the Fa when conflicts arise.

Everyone in my Fa-study group is memorizing Zhuan Falun now. Everyone memorizes one paragraph after studying one lecture every day, or memorizes a poem in Hong Yin. This is also a way of cultivation arranged by Teacher. I am grateful for Teacher's mercy and salvation. I will walk my cultivation path well.

* * *

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