It Was Liu Chengjun Who Was Attacked by Police -- Rebutting the Propaganda of Jiang's Regime

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By a Changchun Practitioner

([Editor's note] Chinese authorities claimed that Liu Chengjun was involved in broadcasting Falun Gong programmes in Changchun cable TV system. Its propaganda said that Liu Chengjun attacked the police during the process of the arrest causing the car accident.)

A righteous person met Liu Chengjun in the Changchun Labour Camp Hospital and heard Liu's own account of his arrest.

About March 22, Liu Chengjun was hiding out under a work shed in the mountains. The police illegally arrested one of Liu's relatives and brutally tortured him into revealing where Liu was staying. (The relative is still injured and barely able to walk as a result of the torture)

Police immediately surrounded the shed and set it on fire. Liu's hand was burned as he fled with the officers yelling, "Shoot, shoot him in the head. It's OK to kill him!" A bullet broke his leg, immobilizing him. The police immediately cuffed his hands and legs. During the transfer, two officers sat in front and two in the back. Before they reached their destination, however, the car turned over. Liu did not attack the police; he was totally unable to attack them. Changchun Newspaper's accusation that Liu attacked the police officers and caused the car to overturn is a complete lie.

Liu was sent to the Changchun Labour Camp Hospital that same day. The following day he was taken away, and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Kind-hearted people, please be aware of Jiang's state terrorism and of how the entire propaganda machinery of the nation is being controlled to fabricate lies to fool people. Let us see through the evil persecution of practitioners and together let us refuse to accept it.

May 14, 2002


* * *

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