Slovakia: Remembering April 25th 1999

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In Bratislava a group of practitioners gathered on SNP Square to remember the events that took place in Beijing on April 25th,1999, when 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners peacefully appealed for justice. Many people read practitioners' banners and wondered how such a persecution can take place nowadays. Many asked for the reason and after our explanation they mostly came to sign our petition. One lady signing the petition noted, "I sign this petition each year. I hope there will be a change soon...“

"How can we help? Will the petition change something?“ was another often heard question. We couldn’t assure this, but we ensured the people, that they are doing a good thing, and that when more people will learn about the persecution and the public opinion turns against it, it will have no chance to continue.

“Give me some more of your flyers, I will help you with promotion,” were the words of another passer-by. A journalist from state press agency visited the gathering and made an interview with a practitioner.

About 150 people signed the petition on this Saturday morning.

* * *

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