The Way to Be Safe Is to Firmly Adhere to Dafa

I started to practice Falun Dafa in 2003. Since I made my decision to cultivate in Dafa, Teacher has carefully arranged every step of my life. I would like to share the process we went through when we rescued fellow practitioners and how we passed the Xinxing (heart and mind nature/character) tests.

One day while studying the Fa, suddenly I enlightened that fellow practitioners in forced labour camps being released after only writing a guarantee statement (not to practice Falun Gong) is wrong. Then I went to many places to inquire and learn about how others could do better, and had an idea to rescue those illegally detained fellow practitioners.

Other fellow practitioners in our area cooperated to send righteous thoughts, and the family members of the incarcerated practitioners (some of them were also fellow practitioners) and I set out to ask the forced labour camp to release them. The police made attempts to deceive us and postponed the release of the practitioners. We re-adjusted our state and looked inside. Meanwhile, having thought of the scenes of fellow practitioners abroad sitting in front of Chinese embassies to resist the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong, we decided that we would sit at the front door of the forced labour camp to send forth righteous thoughts day and night until our fellow practitioners were released. The evil forces could not withstand this and two days later our practitioners were released without any conditions.

However at the same time the practitioners were released, we were arrested and the local police extorted 500 yuan from us. With other practitioners' help, we were released at 10 p.m. Later, the police started a second investigation. The police ransacked the homes of Dafa practitioners. I was labelled one of the "key members of Falun Gong."

I live inside a closed courtyard of the army. During those several days, all the leaders of Armed Forces Department, local police, street committee, leaders of our courtyard and my work place, came to my home to exert pressure on me to give up my belief. Even my husband's boss stopped by. They threatened, among other things, that our house would be confiscated, which caused my family to become quite nervous. My husband ordered me to get some cash and leave home as soon as possible.

I felt like the world was closing in on me and I thought of fleeing to another country. However Teacher has said that we are needed much more in mainland China. When I reached the place where we store our Dafa books, I called a fellow practitioner in the village. He said, "Why leave China? Even if you go underground you might be safe, but then what use are you?" I had to let go of my fear of death and I was able to relax and remove all other ideas from my head.

But one after another, my family members tried to persuade me with their tears, and with reasons like: "You need to consider this family, consider other family members, do not destroy this child's future," etc. They asked me to write a statement saying "I have stopped practicing Falun Gong," give it to the related leaders, and then I could practice inside my home. I seriously replied, "That's impossible! Please give up such ideas! Do not cry in front of me; it will not sway my belief. Your tears are for yourselves and show your selfishness. I would rather lose all of you ..." As soon as the words came out of my mouth I realized that I should not say such hurtful things. After all, they just understood the situation from the surface. So I posed the following scenario to them: Two people are competing against each other for the factory director position. You have determined that you will vote for the one you have preferred for a long time, however, when voting, you cast your vote for the other person. But you still think the previous one is better. Do you think that is reasonable? If I were the one you did not vote for and you were the voter, how could I trust you?

Probably because the evil forces found that I was so firm in my conviction, nobody has bothered me since then. In fact, someone reminded me "to keep an eye on my safety while distributing materials in various places." This made me remember that while distributing materials, I had to act according to the Fa. Then I got out Teacher's photo and placed it at the best site I could find. The law-guardian divine beings guard cultivators who genuinely trust Teacher and the Fa, not those who depart from the Fa. I enlightened that the best way to be safe is to adhere to the Fa firmly.

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