United States: NTDTV Global Oil Painting Competition Exhibition Opens in New York

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New Tang Dynasty Television's 2nd annual Global Chinese International Figure Painting Competition exhibited the finalists' entries at the Salmagundi Club on Fifth Avenue in New York on Sunday November 29th. Of the 42 finalist entries chosen from paintings submitted, 35 were displayed. The panel of judges responsible for selecting the finalists in the Chinese International Figure Painting Competition are composed of senior fine art professionals.

The opening ceremony

Wei Xing Wang, from NTDTV, reported that some artists said it was risky to send their paintings overseas, because they were from China, where NTDTV is blocked, and the Chinese government did not want people to be affiliated with the station. She also said that last year an artist from China sent his painting but it was never received.

Wang said the number of paintings sent in and chosen as finalists are about the same as last year, but the quality has improved.

"Some artists who submitted paintings last year have improved," she said. "They changed their style, their quality, so it's better this year. They know what we're looking for and they've improved."

NTDTV says the purpose of the competition is to promote cultural exchange and the art of figure painting that portrays pure truth, pure compassion, and pure beauty; and in doing so provide artists the opportunity to purify themselves and elevate their painting skills.

Chen Xiaoping, an artist
Li Yuan, an artist

Li Yuan from Japan won the gold medal last year. He entered the competition again this year. "I learned a lot from the competition last year, and improved. I will come back again next year," he said.

The exhibition is open to the public and the paintings will be on display until December 5th. The awards ceremony for one gold, two silver, three bronze winners, and a number of honorable mentions will be presented on December 4th, along with a master's class in oil painting. The artists will do character sketches on December 5th, which will be auctioned off, but the oil paintings included in the exhibition will not be auctioned.

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