United States: I've Never Seen Anything Like It'

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Ms. May, a retired urban education specialist, attended the last show of the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts in Philadelphia at the Academy of Music.

"I think the show is absolutely spectacular; they are phenomenal, well-trained artists. The precision is phenomenal. I've never seen anything like it. I'm very, very impressed," said Ms. May.

Referring to the dance, the costumes, the music, and songs, she added: "It's ear pleasing, and visually pleasing. It's different than anything I have ever seen. I like the way they bring in the different forms of art, music, as well as scenery. The costuming is gorgeous, and I have never seen so many people dance with such precision and acumen. It's just fabulous."

"The women [dancers] are the most feminine [I have ever seen]. These women are so feminine and lovely. [The dance style] mixed with the music, it's phenomenal. Everyone should see [this show]."

"It's an experience. I would definitely go to see it again. I loved it."

"It's great for families to bring their children," said Ms. May.

Exchange Student Loved Shen Yun

Also attending the January 3rd show was a foreign exchange student from mainland China, Mr. Liu, whose host family brought him to see Shen Yun as a Christmas gift.

"The dancing is very perfect. It's very traditional - I love it," said Mr. Liu.

"The dancing is very traditional. The costumes, the stories - they're very true. It's a very traditional show. I loved that," said Mr. Liu.

Mr. LoCantore, a teacher and Mr. Liu's host father for the holidays, said he found Shen Yun educational. "Speaking with our foreign exchange student, he was telling us how it connects to his home," said Mr. LoCantore.

Mrs. LoCantore said, "You have to see it in its full beauty on stage - the number of dancers, the colours, and the exquisiteness of their moves."

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