Iceland: Stories From Reykavik

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The support from the Icelandic people towards Falun Gong was tremendous. An Icelandic gentleman approached two practitioners and shook their hands saying, "You are kind people-good luck." A bus driver had seen the Chinese Ambassador on television expounding lies about Falun Gong. He came to where the practitioners were gathered. After seeing the peaceful and compassionate demeanour of the practitioners, he laughed at the ridiculous lies of the Ambassador. Two hotel receptionists said how they were against the Icelandic government’s mistreatment of Falun Gong. Many people were keen to distance themselves from the governments' actions and offered apologies as well as words of welcome and good wishes.

Many people came to learn the exercises. Some even wanted to and indeed did join in Fa Zheng Nian [Ed. note – maintaining a tranquil mind after reciting a Falun Gong verse] with the practitioners. A newly married couple came to the hill where the practitioners were gathered to have some of their wedding photographs taken amidst the Falun Gong practitioners. They were greeted with applause from the practitioners.

There was widespread coverage of Falun Gong on the television news that showed the peaceful nature of the practitioners in contrast to the rough behaviour of the Jiang entourage and supporters' group. A news report repeatedly showed how a Jiang group member aggressively bumped into a peaceful Icelandic protester on purpose and how a Chinese official was orchestrating Icelandic police to carry out their own demands. Another Jiang supporter was shown trying to aggressively block an elderly female Falun Gong practitioner in order to prevent her banner [which read Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] from being seen. The response of this practitioner was steadfast and compassionate. This incident also showed the Icelandic people who the real aggressors are and the true nature of Dafa practitioners. There were also moving pictures of Falun Dafa practitioners lined up on the roadside to the airport doing Fa Zheng Nian. Again, it was clear that these were peaceful, dignified people which was in contrast to the Jiang supporters who showed themselves to be rough, noisy and aggressive. This report also dedicated a fair segment to the truth clarifying statement made by a Falun Gong spokesman and the testimony of Zhao Ming who was able to recount his brutal treatment at the hands of the Jiang regime. Zhao Ming also pointed out that although he was now free, many thousands are still suffering in China.

All in all, the kind and friendly Icelandic people were able to distinguish for themselves between the lies and the truth and the good and the evil.

Reported by a European practitioner

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