Oslo Manager Appreciates the "Depth" of Shen Yun

Mr. Espen Lyngra, a consultant manager at Oracle, with a friend.
OSLO – Giving the show a long standing ovation and drawing five curtain calls, the audience at the Sunday, April 10 afternoon show of the Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Mr. Espen Lyngra is a consultant manager at Oracle, a multinational computer technology corporation. After watching the show, he said, "I like the mix of, I like all the colours, the really strong colours, ... giving a very good impression."

Besides classical Chinese dance, Shen Yun performances also include solo vocal performances by renowned Chinese vocalists.

Mr. Lyngra said he appreciated seeing the lyrics of the vocal performances translated into Norwegian and projected onto the backdrops, so "you could think a little bit about the meaning behind the singing ... giving it a little more thought, not just the visual, but also the content."

He also enjoyed the solo performance of the erhu, the Chinese two-stringed instrument. The mix of classical Western and Chinese instruments in the live orchestra accompanying the show was quite interesting too, he said, and the emcees did a good job of presenting the programmes and adding some humour.

"Because it puts you in a good mood, so that was also good. All in all, it was very interesting, discovering more about Chinese culture and dance," he said.

"I also saw some movements relating to martial arts into the dance, that was at least my interpretation of it. It's very different from other types of dances I've seen."

All the different colours and the costumes also made the show impressive, he said.

What is special about Shen Yun, he emphasised, is the "depth" in the show.

"Songs, the texts, the translations with wisdom in the words; it's appealing, it's good. Not only dancing, but more of the senses."

Shen Yun Takes Oslo Audience by Storm

Shen Yun took the Norwegian audience by storm for its opening night performance. Although it is only Shen Yun's second year in the Norwegian capital, the ensemble already has many fans in Oslo.

Mrs. Bordewick, a retired sales manager in the oil industry, and her husband Eivind Bordewick, who is an engineer, were among the audience in Oslo last year. They were so impressed that this year they brought four friends with them. They both said that they would like to come again next year as well.

Mrs. Bordewich especially enjoyed the beautiful colors of the costumes, while her husband was taken with the "great" backdrops and the quality of the tenor Yuan Qu.

Also in attendance was Torbjorn Vatn, a music teacher, who commented on the high level of professionalism among the performers.

Vatn was very fond of Wu Song Battles the Tiger and Nothing Can Block the Divine Path, a dance that portrays the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in present-day China. "I like the idea that you can get divine help from invisible beings," Vatn said.


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