Romania: Truth-Compassion-Tolerance Art Exhibition Held in Timisoara

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In Timisoara - the second largest city in Romania - the Truth-Compassion-Tolerance art exhibition came to a close after its 18-day run, leaving a deep impression in the heart of this revolutionary city.

Timisoara, a place symbolic of the fall of Communism in Romania, hosted the exhibition from October 1 through the 18th. In some ways, the exhibition was a reminder to the people of Timisoara of the horrors that the Romanian people had to endure during Communist rule and, at the same time, it showed the younger generation what it meant to live under a Communist regime.

The Truth-Compassion-Tolerance art exhibition showed the true face of the Communist regime in China, which has carried out, since July 20, 1999, a brutal campaign of torture and extermination of those who practise Falun Gong. Through the 34 paintings displayed in the exhibition, people discovered the beauty of Falun Gong, a practice guided by the moral values of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, in sharp contrast with the brutality of an inhumane persecution driven by the Chinese Communist Party.

The exhibition opened on the evening of October 1 in the Iulius Mall building, where Mr. Daniel Vighi, a writer, university lecturer and member of the Revolutionary Society of Timisoara, with the president of the Falun Dafa Association of Romania, Kuki Szabolcs, introduced the art exhibition in the cultural arena of Timisoara for the first time.

Mr. Vighi spoke of the importance of Chinese tradition and the need to introduce its rich ancient philosophy on an international basis. Mr. Vighi also commended the initiative and the courage of the organizers in bringing to reality this kind of cultural event.

The fact that this exhibition was hosted by the biggest commercial complex of the city, Iulius Mall, enabled thousands of people to witness the true situation of Falun Gong practitioners in China. People from all walks of life had the chance to observe, learn and understand, and ask questions of the organizers of the event. Many signed the petition urgently calling for the immediate halt to the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

The main question of the visitors during the art exhibition was: "Is this still happening today?"
Many Romanians know what a Communist regime can do to its people, in order to govern at any price. People who were persecuted and tortured in Romanian jails before 1989 had the chance to stand before these paintings; however, the idea that this kind of thing still takes place today was totally inconceivable for many of them.

"There's a lot of courage and determination needed to organize such an event," said one of the organizers, "but we think that we must turn the spotlight on this atrocity. The Chinese Communist Party must realize that the international community is watching them. This exposure of the Communist regime won't stop here. It will grow more and more," he added.

During the exhibition, many people viewed the paintings and read the moving captions under the frames. Many looked at every picture one by one, sometimes revisiting some of them. Those who understood the truth about what is happening in China and were moved by the facts, later brought their family members and friends to see the paintings. This time it was they who explained what is happening in China to Falun Gong practitioners. There were some instances in which parents explained to their small children about a country where "some bad men are hurting innocent people."

Many wanted to know more about Falun Gong and some also wished to take up the practice. Many visitors signed the petition to stop the persecution right on the spot, and others did so later on the Internet.

Over the course of the 18 days of the exhibition, there was the strong sense that the principles of Falun Gong had touched the viewers' hearts. Many commended the organizers' initiative and acknowledged the fact that this art exhibit is something very necessary to bring to the world's people.

The organizers believed that the exhibit was good for the people of Timisoara and that it came at the right moment. The people realized that the principles Falun Gong practitioners are willing to die for in China are very precious and cannot be abandoned in the face of such a persecution. They realized from the presence of Falun Gong practitioners the solemnity of their sacrifice, and as well, the solemnity of this art exhibit.

The Truth-Compassion-Tolerance art exhibition is currently heading for the next Romanian town of Oradea.

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